Wrexham council slammed for offering buffet to councilors

A local authority has been criticized for offering a buffet to councilors during a meeting which lasted just over 19 minutes.

Wrexham Council set the gap at the price of £7.50 per person at its annual Mayoral Appointment Ceremony held at the town’s Guidhall on Tuesday afternoon (24 May 2022).

Sandwiches, cakes and a fruit platter were among the dishes on offer after being provided by the municipality’s catering team, along with tea and coffee.

It came as Labor councilor Brian Cameron was chosen to become mayor of Wrexham for the coming year.

However, a newly elected community leader decided not to attend in person as he said he felt “uncomfortable” about money being spent on politicians’ food during the cost of living crisis. life.

Rhosnesni councilor Andy Gallanders said he and his Plaid Cymru colleagues opted instead to donate the amount that would have been spent on their behalf to a local charity.

He said: “As families struggle to get food on the table, this council has found it acceptable to set up a buffet to feed councilors who show up for less than 30 minutes.

“As a new councilor, I may be naïve, but how can we represent our neighborhoods while dominating them?

“Four Plaid Councilors were at the Guildhall for the Mayoral Appointment Ceremony but declined to attend.

“Instead, we as a team of nine advisors donated to Given To Shine (GTS).

“GTS is doing an incredible job feeding literally hundreds of families while tackling food waste.”

There were further issues at Tuesday’s meeting after members of the public watching online were unable to hear the new mayor deliver his maiden speech.

Only councilors and a limited number of guests were able to attend in person, meaning the press and public were limited to watching the proceedings via live webcast.

The majority of the broadcast contained no sound, with the council blaming human error for the problems.

A spokesman for Wrexham Council said payments were only being made for the buffet for those who had confirmed they would attend the meeting in person.

They said: ‘The buffet cost was £7.50 per person and is ordered for those who have indicated they will be attending.

“It consisted of sandwiches, wraps, savory dishes, a fruit platter, cakes, orange juice, tea or coffee provided internally by the functions catering team.”

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