Woman shares how an all-you-can-eat buffet tried to charge her twice for eating too much

“This is the most egregious case of fraudulent advertising since my trial
against the movie The Never-ending Story” – Lionel Hutz, I can’t believe
It’s a law firm

In a scene reminiscent of an episode of The Simpsons, a Southern TikTok user
Wales, @poppypaints, described in comical detail how fat she was
Shame on an all you can eat buffet.

She says the staff tried to charge her double due to the amount she consumed at the buffet when she left.


The video, which has been liked by more than 8,000 users, sparked a stream of
comments, all sharing their own stories of shame.

@Suziesnoozeasmr replied “2 days ago at my best friend’s wedding.
Grooms mom ‘oh you’re the great bridesmaid, nice to meet you’”
While Hocus Pocus said “A patient asking me when the baby was due, I said
It’s just a piece of cake, he was mortified, I hope it taught him that you never ask
until the baby comes out”

Which is a good lesson for everyone. Well probably not everyone like most
people are sane enough not to say anything unless they are 100%
Of course.

Meanwhile, Rona Hooper has shared her horror travel story “In the South of
France went to a pharmacy for sunscreen and a pharmacist told me
the Slimfast screen. He had the full Scottish rage!!

And finally, user Mike had this story to tell “I visited a paid entry beach at
Turkey and they wanted to charge me double because I would take too much
the sand”

Which is appalling on two levels, the one they said but also LOAD
ENTRANCE TO THE BEACH! WHAT!? I used to give friends a joking Christmas
gift of a beach membership, if i was turkish i would be in
financial ruin.

Oh and don’t worry Poppy refused to pay for two and only paid for the standard package.

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