Which Golden Corral buffet dish are you?

It’s time to become a man and accept your fate.

Hey you! Yes you. The foodie and culture nerd reading this.

Want to find out who you really are? Want to show off your culinary prowess to the world? Do you want to finally make your father proud of you? Then go to the local Golden Corral!

Jonathan Weiss / Alamy Stock Photo

That’s right, friends. Corral of gold. A Promised Land resplendent with indulgence. The pinnacle of American excess.

ZUMA Press Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

Meet Dave, the inventor of the Golden Corral. He is very happy to see you today. He is eager to be your spirit guide on this trip to the Golden Corral. He’s like your dad, except he’s proud of you.

Ljubaphoto/Getty Images

It’s time to find your place in this world, my lost and wandering friend. It’s time to find out which Golden Corral buffet item best embodies your rich and exuberant personality.

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