What would you do? Getting Bad Drink from Fast Food Drive-Thru

What would you do? What would you do if you walked through a fast food drive-thru, started pulling out, took a sip of your drink and found it watered down or flat? The answer may seem obvious, but think about the last time this happened to you. Yes, you paid for it, but is it worth going? Is it worth turning around if you are already on the street? What would you do? Would you turn around and walk away, go on your way and drink it as it is, or throw it away and count the loss?

Watered down and flat soda from a drive-thru

Credit: Terry Jaskiw on Unsplash

Credit: Terry Jaskiw on Unsplash

When you go through a drive-thru, an order is often messed up. Fries are forgotten or cold, a condiment is forgotten or on a burger, a burrito is missing, mistakes happen and that’s part of life. Sometimes all the food will be there, it will taste great but the soda you ordered with it will be flat or watered down. When our food is spoiled, we often turn around or go inside and let them know they’ve missed an item or something is wrong, but when it’s just the drink, many many people seem to ignore it, but why? Why isn’t the drink so important, if you also pay for it? There are several options on what to do, but more often than not, employees are not faced with their flat soda.

When the drink order is messed up in Twin Falls

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There are usually a few options when this happens. The two that most of us take are that we either throw the drink away and drink something else, or we suffer from it and continue on the road. The other option is you can walk inside, let them know it’s flat or watered down, and ask for another one. One of the reasons so few people do this is because they are in a rush and may have other drinks in the car, while another reason may be if it was handed to you that way there’s a good chance it’s a problem and it’ll be returned. in the same way. Does it matter if you are traveling or in your hometown? Why do customers at Starbucks or Dutch Bros keep coming back, but not at a fast food drive-thru?

Typically, I have a drink with me in my car at all times, and when that happens I’ll just take the loss and drink something else with my meal. If I’m in Twin, I’ll drink something else when I get home. It’s rare that I turn around or go in for a bad drink, but for the food I will nine times out of ten. Is food more important than drinks? We all know fountain soda is the best, so why do we neglect to return for what we want and for what we paid for? The next time your drink is flat, watered down, no ice, or too icy, what will you do?

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