Weekends are sometimes for buffet indulgence

The Malagos Garden Resort buffet

Aside from its retreat with nature, conservation efforts, and the chocolate experience of Davao, another thing that makes Malagos Garden Resort a must-see in the city for tourism is its food and beverage offerings.

When I visit this resort, especially on weekends, I always look forward to its generous buffet. Who wouldn’t? It’s almost all one could ask for to fill a hungry stomach after a long jaunt around town and/or a fun day trip.

Just recently, on August 6, Malagos being an innovation-driven resort, a new and improved weekend lunch buffet was introduced to the market, improving the gastronomic experience of visitors.

If you think Malagos buffet setup was already superb before then better prepare your belly as resort executive chef Val Villarin is adding more resorts giving tourists and locals more reason to keep coming back for discover their Weekend Lunch Buffet.

At P799, you can already enjoy the 12 buffet stations: Soup & Bread; Pinoy street food; Aperitif; Salad buffet; Pinoy Sorbetes; Cakes, native Kakanin and chocolate fountain; Rice, Vegetable and Salty Dish; Pasta; Grilled and Carving; and Tempura Station.

Some of the stations like Pinoy Street Food and Grilled and Carving offer live, on-site cooking, which enhances the diner experience.

The sumptuous buffet also offers the unmissable Filipino fiesta: Lechon. That alone is a steal, value for money at its finest.

My personal favorites are the cakes, the native kakanin and the chocolate fountain; Grilled and Carving; and Tempura.

What sets the Malagos buffet apart from others is the whole experience beyond dinner. Apart from the gastronomic journey, diners can also enjoy the beauty of nature and the amenities of the resort. Those who take advantage of the buffet have access to the well-known spots of the resort and witness the famous animal show perfect for families and barkadas.

For those who have yet to set foot in the resort and for those who have already tried the Malagos buffet, its new weekend lunch buffet is another compelling reason to return.

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