Wedding entrance fee: RM50, buffet: RM50, photos with newlyweds: RM20 – M’sian’s wedding invitation goes viral

Weddings are expensive, with tens of thousands of dollars being spent on a regular basis. At many weddings, there is an unspoken rule that attendees should bring a gift or give money to the newlyweds.

However, would it be acceptable for the bride and groom to charge their guests to attend?

Recently, a wedding invitation poster went viral on social media platforms as the groom and bride appeared to be charge their guests to attend their wedding.

The wedding reception on December 25, 2022 at Light House, Penang, charges guests for attendance, food, and even taking a photo of the bride and groom.

The price list goes as follows:

  • Entry ticket: RM50 per person
  • Buffet: RM50 per person (eat until full)
  • Photos with the bride and groom: RM20 per piece
  • Song requests: RM3
  • Karaoke: RM5 for 2 songs

However, if you are giving a gift to the newlyweds, prices will be reduced by 50%.

Debate whether it’s reasonable or not

The poster made its way on social media and attracted mixed reactions from internet users. Some users praised the couple for applying the fee because it’s fair to do so as weddings get extremely expensive.

They showed support for the initiative and wanted it to be more normal than it is now.

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A user pointed out that Chinese and Korean weddings are similar. “Participants pay per table or per person if they were to attend. This table therefore belongs to them from start to finish. Guests PAY to come.”

Screenshot 42

However, many users have condemned this practice and said that it goes against the very interest of having a wedding ceremony in Islam for Muslim weddings.

“This is the opposite of what is traditionally practiced in Islam. You have ceremonies with the the intention to feed people, no matter if it’s 100 or 1000 people“said one user.

Screenshot 45

Another said if you can’t afford it, there’s no point in doing it. “Weddings are considered gifts. If you want the money back (it’s better for) that you start a business and not a marriage.”

Screenshot 44

Is it a wedding or a business? As if someone sponsored the wedding ceremony. So miserly,” said another user.

Screenshot 43

It’s a fake!

Despite all the attention he managed to capture, he was revealed that the poster was fake. According to a netizen who contacted the hotel, they also confirmed the ruse! Thank God, phew!


What do you think about this? Do you think it’s a good idea to charge guests to attend your wedding?

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