This Durian Spot is offering an all-you-can-eat Durian buffet for $88 from now until April 30!

Calling all Durian lovers, do you fancy King Of Fruits? Well, look no further! At DurianBB, you can attend a Durian Buffet called DurianBB Party, which is a two-part event. This is a tasting and introductory segment followed by a 60-minute all-you-can-eat buffet. Hurry now!

Durian all-you-can-eat buffet

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During the first 30 minutes, customers will have the opportunity to learn more about Durian and all its secrets. You will be able to taste a wide variety of different durians and discover those durians that are not easily available in Singapore! This part of the event itself will be moderated by Dato Paul, President of the Durian Exporters Association of Malaysia. During this session you can taste Malaysian durians like Tan Sri XO, Old Tree Mao Shan Wang and more! It’s not something you want to miss!

Image: @niftylucas (Instagram)

After the 30-minute introductions, you move on to the main event! There will be a 60-minute durian buffet where all you have to do is wave a flag of their choice to get another serving. Each durian is unique, so take your time and taste all the possible flavors!

Here are the options for durian:

  • D78 Honey
  • D24 Tan Sri XO
  • D197 King Musang
  • Mao Shan Wang old tree
  • Tekka

Hurry now for an amazing Durian experience!

Now that the restrictions are loosening, there will likely be a large number of people attending this event. Also, due to the scarcity of durian, places are limited, so make your reservations here while supplies last! Check DurianBB’s Instagram and Facebook for more updates!

Cover picture: (Facebook), @niftylucas (Instagram)

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