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The restaurant scene in Kampala, apart from being terribly crowded, is also fickle. The best way to survive is to create an angle that will successfully set the place apart from the many competitors that swarm in and around Kampala. A prime example, when it comes to the angle aspect, in terms of Asian Fare Copper Chimney’s Sunday buffet turns out to be a tremendous winner and seemingly unbeatable in this kind of food. With such a game plan, price and quality are paramount and should not be underestimated.

With the cost of fuel having nearly doubled since the start of the year, not to mention the high cost of food and other related items currently being obtained, this is a tough call for the restaurant industry. Consumers are keen to find ways to stretch their shillings and eating out is becoming a rare luxury for many families. Dozens of restaurants are experiencing dwindling clientele and many are wondering how they will survive these turbulent times. It’s an ill wind blowing on no one and Copper Chimney seems to have found a solution to this problem by creating a Sunday buffet which is proving popular with virtually SRO.

Fish is one of the dishes prepared at Copper Chimney.

Coupled with that, the price factor makes it eminently affordable and all for a reasonable price of Shs35,000, while similar buffets (not necessarily Indian) charge Shs50,000 and with less to offer.

To start, we were served tali machli (fried fish) as well as chicken tikka masala, both served with a bit of freshly made chutney. We were delighted to have such a substantial starter on the menu, especially since normally both dishes would have cost at least the price of a buffet at Copper Chimney.

The main course and choices are legion with more than fair offerings for vegetarians and a plethora of meats for carnivores. A buffet has its advantages and disadvantages, unfortunately, in Uganda, we find that a real buffet, in the ordinary sense of the word, is most often conspicuous by its absence. How many times have you been invited to a kwanjula or a wedding and the food is rationed like it’s going out of fashion. Duties aside, dine at any restaurant that offers a buffet and the trend is to have waiters stationed assiduously behind the food faithfully serving customers and making sure one gets some rice, potatoes Irish, yams, vegetables, yams, especially when it comes to chicken and other meats. By the way, spending a few seconds in these joints is strictly not recommended.

We recently dined at the Copper Chimney, the buffet they serve is amazing for its abundance, quality and price. For starters, their Sunday buffet is an absolute bar-bar affair to the point where one can return as many times as one wishes and always be assured that the stoves are replenished. We must also congratulate the servers who ensure that when the time comes for seconds, the plate used is removed and we start again with a new plate and fresh cutlery.

In these times of biting the bullet, it’s a joyous relief to discover such great deals as the Copper Chimney Buffet and indeed it’s no surprise to see the vast majority of diners being Asians with their families, this which says a lot; good news travels fast. Their presence is not a coincidence but a fact of truth; the food is excellent, well prepared and authentic yet affordable and the service is good.

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