There’s nothing tame on the menu at Wild Food Cafe

As a vegetarian, people love to ask me mundane questions like “where do you get your protein from?” and I’m bound to smash them out of the park with replicas of every protein-rich ingredient I can think of that doesn’t contain meat (there are a lot of them). Over the past few weeks though, I’ve been slowly committing carbicide, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “eating so many carbohydrates that one fears they will become an overdose and become a pure loaf of bread” . I was a few crumbs away when I came across the Wild Food Café’s online menu, which offers plant-based foods rich in nutritious dishes and an emphasis on vegetables. I decided to accept the accidental intervention and head to their Islington location.

He was rammed when I arrived for lunch on a Saturday, a common weekend occurrence, the host told me. After standing awkwardly at the entrance for a while and snooping around each other’s orders, we were seated. Anyone eating in London right now will have noticed the surge in vegan options, offering everything from vegan junk food to haute cuisine. A fabulous sight to behold, going in the right direction to give the planet and our bodies a break from unnecessary animal products, but sometimes people get a little lazy trying to think about what vegans eat. The menu at Wild Food Café is so refreshing, the dishes are interesting and varied, and best of all, everything is packed with nutrients and delicious treats that your body craves (especially if you’ve been eating hot breakfast rolls lately). weeks).
I loved the Quinoa Dosa Pancake served with simmered eggplant, hummus and a mango-fennel chutney, a smart and delicious dish to start with. The Wild Green Burger (one of the dishes I saw being served while I waited) is very Insta-worthy considering the bright green bun it sits in; the raw patty of pink olives and shiitake mushrooms has a slight meaty texture which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference. The burger comes with cheesy onion kale chips, which you can also order as a snack. The Wild Food Café has several pizza options, but the Pepperoni appealed to me the most, it is topped with tomato sauce, homemade olive pepperoni, smoked chili cashew cheese, chili oil and rocket; the cheese is really nice, a bit like a mozzarella mousse.

For dessert I had the salted caramel donut with coconut ice cream which was really moist and then I also had to order the beautiful rainbow cheesecake which had a lovely flavor of lemon.
In keeping with the healthy vibe, Wild Food Café serves health shots that vary from the mild-flavored Aware, made with coconut water, blue spirulina and blueberries, to the slightly bolder Alive, which is a mixture of kimchi and horseradish juice. . They also do a great selection of juices and smoothies as well as health conscious cocktails.

I really enjoyed my stay at the Wild Food Café, it had that kind of chic yoga studio decor that Gwyneth Paltrow would approve of but not be pretentious. Although the menu might be more expensive, I thought everything was really reasonably priced and I understand why everyone is flocking there.

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