The Sunday buffet at Feil’s Supper Club in Wisconsin is delicious

One of the best ways to start a Sunday is with a good meal, and a rural Wisconsin supper club has a brunch buffet worth checking out. Feil’s Supper Club is well known for its delicious traditional German cuisine, but on Sundays it offers an American-style brunch buffet that will satisfy any food lover. Here’s what awaits you at the buffet at Feil’s Supper Club.

In addition to brunch, Fiel’s Supper Club offers a wonderful dinner, so it’s worth coming back for an evening meal. See the restaurant menu on the restaurant’s website. If you like traditional German restaurants, here is a restaurant in Milwaukee that will remind you of a castle!

Address: Feil’s Supper Club, N8743 WI-73, Randolph, WI 53956, USA

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