The most sought after fast food restaurant in New England is

Burgers, fries, tacos, maybe even chicken? One way to find the best fast food restaurant in New England is to check Google searches.

It’s no surprise that the most searched fast food restaurant in five of the six New England states is Chik-fil-A.

Vermont, you’ve bucked the trend with Wendy’s being your first fast food search, and that’s okay, we realize the Frosty has a real hold on many hearts.

With the rapid expansion of Chik-fil-A, especially here in Massachusetts, it’s no wonder the 6 Days a Week Fried Chicken Franchise is at the top of search results here in the Bay State. (as well as New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine.)

Map of the most popular fast food places by state (Graphic: MyTelescope)

MyTelescope measured the ranking of each state’s top 10 fast food chains based on Google search volume when users search for the chain’s locations statewide, known as Search Share.

In fact, Chik-fil-A was the top fast food search in 27 of the 50 states, good for number 1 in the country, according to the search marketing firm. MyTelescope.

“Search Share measures search data combined with sentiment analysis to give a more accurate measure of consumer and business buying intent and demand,” said Rodrigo Graviz, CEO of My Telescope. .

“Combined with specific keywords, search share data can yield valuable insights into what people are going to do, what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling, and what they’re going to buy.”

While this search share seems like a pretty detailed metric, there are other ways to see how popular a fast food place is, such as the length of drive-thru lines. Have you ever seen an empty Chik-fil-A drive-thru in New England? Sunday doesn’t count.

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