The buffet area is not a place for small children

As Malaysians carefully navigate the transition to the endemic phase of Covid-19, many are vacationing locally and hotels are now fully occupied.

I recently went on a short vacation to Morib, Selangor, and saw the town and beach teeming with people, including young children.

It’s good to have kids around, especially at the pools where most jump into the water like ducks. But I’m afraid to see them in the hotel dining rooms, especially where the buffet is presented.

In addition to running and getting in the way of other diners, some children also help themselves to food while balancing large plates on their small hands. They almost always end up spilling food on the floor!

And then there are others circling the buffet, sniffing and touching the food at hand with their bare hands.

My stomach was in knots every time I saw a child take a piece of cake or fruit, sniff it and then put it back on the tray.

Being children, they would want to touch and feel the things laid out in front of them, so I strongly urge the restaurant staff to keep an eye on the buffet at all times.

And I hope parents with young children will seat their little ones at the table and serve them. Small children should not be allowed near the buffet.



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