Swindon’s popular vegan food van thrives in street cafe The Veeg Shack

Swindon’s new vegan cafe, The Veeg Shack, opened earlier this year, bringing tasty plant-based options to the town. Originally short of a food van, owner Amy Smith has moved to Cricklade Road in Gorse Hill and created a community hub for all things vegan.

The Veeg Shack story began about three years ago when Amy started cooking her food from the Veeg van, traveling to different events to serve fresh vegan dishes. She told WiltshireLive she had to sell her beloved van during the lockdown as many events were cancelled.

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Luckily it managed to find a local last year and worked hard to give it a whole new look before opening to the public in January. The cafe is now a community hotspot for all things vegan and more!

“I have lots of games for children, it’s really family oriented. And there are lots of fruit trees in the garden, I hope when they grow up the children can pick them and eat them. C is a cold environment, a place where families can hang out.

Amy Smith, owner of The Veeg Shack

“In the evening sometimes they just come for cookies and ice cream and to play games, I love that. Others go right by, get a few bottles of prosecco and come.” One of The Veeg Shacks USPs is that you are welcome to bring your own bottle for a small corkage fee.

Amy said she does her best to support other local businesses: “I try to create a community vibe, all the artwork by local artists on the wall is for sale, I have a lady who made all my pillows, crochet pillows, so there are plenty of local businesses here”

As for the food, everything is made by Amy and mostly from her own recipes. She was inspired to make the food everyone loves vegan. “Normally when you go to places you just get like a beetroot burger, or a falafel or a salad, and I’m like ‘I don’t want that'”.

Amy transformed the cafe's outdoor space
Amy transformed the cafe’s outdoor space

She says the most popular items on the Veeg Shack menu are nachos, burger, giant hot dog and mac and cheese. Other favorites include the All Day Breakfast and Breakfast Burrito, all incredibly vegan. Amy’s favorite is Fish and Chips “I’m proud of it, it took me a long time to perfect it” she says.

Doing all the day-to-day running of the place herself, Amy wants it to keep its local community feel and doesn’t fancy opening any more Veeg Shacks anytime soon, “I want it to be just a little gem , a place that people know they can go, relax”.

Her future plans include installing terraces so she can continue the great food and good vibes with live music events during the day, featuring local musicians.

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