Supermarket, Retail, Child Care and Fast Food – Ritchie Road, Pallara

A development application has been submitted for a local centre, containing a supermarket, retail, child care and fast food outlet, located at 223 Ritchie Road, Pallara.

Conceived by Kris Kowalsski Architects the proposal is for a local center, which includes a supermarket, food and beverage outlets, retail, childcare and a self-contained fast food outlet with drive-thru. A pedestrian arcade is planned along the retail and supermarket frontage with crosswalks to provide access to Laxton Road.

Four (4) retail properties are sought to provide a range of food, beverage, specialty rentals and services to the area. The proposal includes a supermarket mezzanine, with an overall maximum building height of less than 12.5m.

The site is within the Neighborhood Center area and Lower Oxley Creek South Neighborhood Plan. The site has road frontage to Ritchie Road and Laxton Drive. The vacant site is cleared of all vegetation and structures to accommodate the proposed shopping center.

local center
– Supermarket (1,500 m²)
– Retail shops (1,435 m²)
– Nursery (903m²)
– Drive through (storage of 12 cars)
– Outdoor seating
– Pedestrian access and crossings
– Landscape boundaries
– 3x pylon panels
– Acoustic fences

The proposal provides for 192 parking spaces (8 disabled) in the ground floor car park. Vehicle access locations are provided at Laxton Road.

The planners of JFP Urban Consultants state, “The proposal seeks to establish a neighborhood center in the heart of the growing Pallara community to support the surrounding residential subdivisions. The center is expected to be occupied by a number of complementary non-residential uses, including but not limited to a supermarket (less than 1500m² GFA), catering outlets, specialist shops, medical centers and daycare. The applicant is seeking approval for a range of center activities in order to provide maximum flexibility to future tenants”.

“The proposed buildings are oriented towards Ritchie and Laxton Road. Notably, the Ritchie Road facade is enabled via a pavilion-style cafe. Landscaping is used throughout the site to ensure the built form is softened and also used to provide a buffer zone between adjacent residential uses. No residential use is proposed.

The District Center covers 3,838 m² of gross floor area (GFA), with a site coverage of 3,837.8 m² (23.69%) on the 16,200 m² site.

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Application information and references
– Filing date: September 28, 2022
– Council reference: A006115494
– Zone: Center district
– Neighborhood map: Lower Oxley Creek South
– Candidacy report: JFP Urban Consultants
– Architect design: Kris Kowalsski Architects
– Landscape architect: JFP Urban Consultants
– Interactive image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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