Smugglers’ Nachos, Warren Buffet and other businesses Vermont needs

One of our Burlington Free Press editors, April McCullum, published a Tweeter asking a simple question: Why, she asked, didn’t anyone park a food truck next to Route 108 and name it Smugglers’ Nachos?

It’s a brilliant idea, of course, to name a food truck and place it near the famous Smugglers Notch pass in Mount Mansfield. And that plays right into the idea of ​​an article I’ve been nurturing for a while about businesses that should exist in Vermont.

So naturally, I replied to his tweet, saying this was the best food-related business plan I’ve heard for Vermont since I suggested an all-you-can-eat lunch spot in the Mad River Valley called the Warren Buffet.

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April’s tweet went viral in Vermont, garnering so much attention that the Vermont Reddit page picked up the idea and ran it under the headline “Who’s Got Business Ideas?” Several clever commentators have followed suit with companies named after various Vermont place names. It provided the dual benefit of giving me a few laughs and doing the hardest part of writing that story I had long imagined about the businesses that should exist in Vermont.

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So here are some of those Reddit business ideas that seem like absolute winners, as long as I don’t have to provide the seed money. The commentator’s Reddit name is followed by their top-notch suggestions:

MaryJaneOnTheBrain: A Greek restaurant in the Champlain Islands called South Gyro

ARealVermontar: (Just a few of over 30 suggestions):

  • Charlotte’s Web (local internet service provider
  • Cambridge Over Troubled Waters Record Store
  • Stowe-It-Here Self-Serve Storage
  • RockingHam butcher and other meats
  • Jamaica Me Crazy Puzzle Company
  • Reading Literacy Center
  • Norton Antivirus (medical clinic offering everything from STD tests to dengue vaccines)
  • Well drilling services
  • orange paint supply
  • Seamstress Mendon Your Clothes
  • Warren Center for Peace and Justice
  • Calm weather forecasters in Windsor
  • Brighton Home Lighting
  • “Ripton Shredded” Secure Document Destruction (or Weight Room???)”

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obiwanjabroni420: Squechee Clean in Quechee, a laundromat and car wash

wolfwood0122: An Enosburg/Enosburg Falls-based panini and dip outlet, Paninisburg Balls.

darcy1805: Building on the theme of Enosburg – Eno’s Burgers and Pizzeria Eno.

Blue9944: “Essex and Candy”


  • Whitingburgers
  • Chelseafood
  • queen of londonderry
  • Concord grapes
  • North Hero Heroes Sandwich Shop
  • Grand Isle Be Back (An Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum)
  • Ye Olde Mount Holly Jolly Christmas Shoppe

Thanks, Redditors. Now I’d like to add one more to the list I’ve wanted to write about for so long: an interior wallpaper and paint store in central Vermont called Berlin Wall. It would be located at the Berlin Mall, of course.

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