Smoothies plus at the Health Food Restaurant in Ridgeland

We’re only weeks away from 2021, and many of us (myself included) are already struggling to keep that New Years resolution to “eat healthier”.

If you’re looking for a restaurant that helps you focus on ‘eating healthier’, Kale Me Crazy at Ridgeland offers a variety of high flavor, low fat and calorie meals and drinks.

Kale Me Crazy in Ridgeland has a variety of healthy offerings including smoothies and breakfast bowls.

Kale Me Crazy, located in The township at Colony Park, is a self-billed ‘super food cafe’ and its health-conscious staff take their salads, customizable bowls, wraps, breakfast items and loaded toast seriously. The menu also includes a variety of healthy smoothies, fruit and veg shots, coffee, tea and snacks.

Kale Me Crazy also offers catering courtesy of Healthy Lunch Boxes and Large Orders for groups of 18-20, giving office potlucks and energy lunches a healthier vibe. Family meals filled with favorite wraps, salads, and hummus can also be picked up or delivered.

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Kale Me Crazy at Ridgeland has a variety of healthy menu options including poke bowls, salads, and breakfast bowls.

Salads and wraps

Creative and hearty salads are the reason many stop at Kale Me Crazy. A variety of healthy options filled with the best of earth’s bounty are on the menu, including kale ($ 11), apple pear ($ 9.50), quinoa ($ 11), Mediterranean hummus ($ 9). $) and smoked salmon ($ 13.50).

If the hearty wraps are more to your liking, you won’t be disappointed. A popular choice is the breakfast wrap ($ 9.50) filled with eggs, avocado, tomato, feta, spinach and arugula wrapped in whole wheat. There’s also tuna ($ 10), turkey ($ 10.50), chicken pesto ($ 11), and chicken Caesar ($ 11).

You’ll never look at regular morning toast the same again after tasting Kale Me Crazy’s innovative range. Choices include almond butter ($ 4.50 – $ 8), avocado ($ 6 – $ 9.50), and salmon ($ 8 – $ 14).

Another fan favorite is the restaurant’s poke bowl ($ 13.50). It’s filled with wild tuna dressed in house marinade, avocado, cucumber, carrots, edamame, and spicy vegan mayonnaise served over a bowl of jasmine rice.

Kale Me Crazy combos are the antithesis of those found at drive-thru fast food restaurants. However, you won’t leave hungry after ordering one. There is the breakfast combo ($ 12), vegan ($ 11.50), tuna ($ 12.50), turkey ($ 13.50), chicken pesto ($ 13.50) and salad (11 $).

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Unique smoothies

When you need something to recover – almost anything – Kale Me Crazy Recovery Smoothie ($ 9) is just the ticket. Filled with bananas, cherries, cashews, coconut yogurt, almond milk, and vegan protein, it’s “good for your ailments.” $ 7, Kale ($ 7.50), Green Dream ($ 8), Warrior ($ 8.50), and Powerhouse ($ 10), to name a few.

In this place, you can enjoy a photo and not worry about coming home. Packed with potent combos of veg, juice, honey, and even seaweed, selections like brain-on ($ 5), pain reliever ($ 4.50), digest ($ 4.50) and an immune package (4 for $ 12) instantly banishes the winter blues and almost all other illnesses.

Looking for a place to unwind with a soothing drink or snack? Kale Me Crazy is the place to be, especially when a power ice latte ($ 7), smoothie ($ 5), tea ($ 5.50), and energy bites ($ 3.95) made with the most ingredients. healthy (and tastiest) are brought to your table.

Kara Kimbrough is a freelance Mississippi food and travel writer. Contact her at [email protected].

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  • What: Kale me crazy
  • Or: 1067 Highland Colony Parkway, Ridgeland
  • Hours: 7 am-8pm Monday to Friday: 9 am-8pm; Saturday: 9 am-6pm Sunday.
  • Call: 601-499-0459

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