See the interior of the new Posh Street Food restaurant as it brings loaded breakfast stacks and more to Seaburn

The new Posh Street Food restaurant is now open for business in Stack Seaburn, offering everything from loaded breakfasts to chic kebabs and Sunday lunches.

Unlike most food traders on the waterfront site, Posh Street Food has its own restaurant with around 30 seats occupying a prime spot at the front of the shipping container village.

Food can be ordered through the app in Stack, but the new addition is primarily aimed at people who can enjoy their street food inside the transformed double unit which has a distinctive monochrome color scheme.

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Posh Street Food opened at Stack Seaburn

He was brought to town by Masterchef The Professionals quarter-finalist Matei Baran, who built a loyal following locked out with his mobile kitchen, which prompted him and his team to participate. at the British Street Food Awards North Final.

He took the remaining unit at the front of Stack, which had been empty since the £ 3million development opened in September 2020.

The owners of Stack were looking for the right solution for the site, and Matei says people can enjoy something completely different from other traders.

After a week of trading he said, “It takes time to develop the trade, but the feedback we have had so far has been great, people loved the food they ate. Our most popular dishes so far are without a doubt the pork belly kebab and the short rib kebab.

The Chic Breakfast Stack, priced at £ 6.50

The chef is a firm believer in giving back to the community and runs workshops at his Stepney Banks cafe in Newcastle called Big Chef, Mini Chef, which aim to inspire young people in the kitchen. He’s also working alongside the Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation on a Kitchen Therapy project, which uses cooking to help people build skills and confidence.

He has long had the ambition to open his own restaurant and says that Stack has been a true labor of love that will integrate the values ​​of his community.

Speaking about what people can expect from the latest addition to the city’s thriving culinary scene, he said, “It’s street food, but raised to fine cuisine, with ingredients and quality. quality presentation.

“It’s such an amazing place on the coast, it’s like being on vacation on a sunny day. The other traders were very welcoming too, it’s a real community.”

Matei Baran, quarter-finalist of MasterChef The Professionals at STACK Seaburn.

In addition to loaded flatbreads, loaded Yorkshire puddings and more, Posh Street Food also has drinks not available elsewhere in Stack, including beers from Full Circle Brew Co and wines from Lanchester Wines, which can only be ordered during a dinner at the restaurant.

Since opening last year at the former Seaburn Center site, Stack has created more than 100 jobs in the city and Phase 2 of the shipping container attraction is expected to begin soon.

The next phase will see more containers installed behind the first phase. Instead of independent stores, it will have larger containers for events, functions and experiences.

The once empty unit has been transformed

* Posh Street Food is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

An example of some of the dishes on the Posh Street Food menu

Breakfast, served from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

:: Chic breakfast – sausage, bacon, egg, black pudding, mini hash browns, flat mushrooms and beans served between flat breads. £ 6.50.

:: Chic vegan breakfast – mini hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and scrambled tofu. £ 6.50.

Chic kebabs, served from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., all served on a flatbread with fries and red cabbage

Cool the prawns

:: Belly Pork Kebab – glazed sweet and sour pork belly, sesame seeds, Asian coleslaw, spicy apple chutney, Bombay mix, crispy onions, chili oil and a squeeze of lime. £ 9.

:: Monkfish kebab – Monkfish marinated in tandoori, lime pickle, marinated vegetables, Bombay mixture, crispy onions. £ 12.

:: Vegan Kebab – glazed sweet and sour tofu, sesame seeds, pickled vegetables, Asian coleslaw, Bombay mix and crispy onions. £ 8.

:: Yorkshire pudding loaded with a choice of meats for £ 9, a trio of meats for £ 12 or salted turnips for £ 8. All served with mashed garlic, crushed turnip and carrots, honey glazed carrots, green vegetables, roasted potatoes and sauce.

:: Chicken Tikka Kebab – marinated tandoori chicken, tandoori yogurt, salad, parmesan. £ 4.50

:: Halloumi Kebab – grilled halloumi, sriracha yogurt, salad, parmesan. £ 4.50

:: Fries topped with garlic and chilli shrimp. £ 6.

:: Chorizo, chimichurri, feta, salsa fries. £ 5.

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Matei wrote her own book to inspire young people in the kitchen
Posh Street Food at STACK Seaburn is now open to the public.
Matei in the kitchen
Posh Street Food at STACK Seaburn is now open to the public.

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