REVIEW: The return of the seafood dinner buffet at Cape May Cafe brings average food and delicious desserts to Disney’s Beach Club Resort

With the return of the breakfast buffet at the Cape May Cafe after almost two years has also come the return of the dinner seafood buffet. So naturally, we headed over to Disney’s Beach Club Resort to see how the restaurant is holding up after so long!

The Cape May Cafe, as we mentioned, is located inside Disney’s Beach Club Resort along Lake Crescent.

The restaurant is located just inside the resort lobby.

The dinner buffet is served daily from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. They highlight soups and salads, a carving station, sustainable catch of the day, classic seafood porridge, paella , favorite dishes for children and an assortment of seasonal desserts. . As this is the Beach Club, most of the food is seafood focused.

Buffet dinner – $42

The buffet itself is located in the center of the restaurant, allowing easy access for all customers.

Once seated we were provided with a paper folding menu including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available at an additional charge.

Guests are also provided a bucket to dispose of shells and other trash.

It was a nice setup for us, with everything neatly organized on the table by the Cast Members.

When customers are ready to take the buffet, they can stop and pick up plates from the stations around the buffet. Hand sanitizer is always provided.

Our first stop was the salad bar, offering a number of greens and even fruit.

Cesar salad

It’s hard to go wrong with a Caesar salad. This one was pretty basic and heavy on the dressing, but delicious.

Seafood pasta salad

This one is oddly sweet and the mayo lingers a bit. It’s not at all particularly fishy, ​​peppers and red onion are the real dominant flavors. It’s not terrible, but definitely better for sauce people.

Cocktail sauce and tartar sauce as well as croutons are available at the end of the bar.

Marinated olives

We usually enjoy olives, but these were quite brackish. They are a good size, though, and good if you like salt and olives.

Assorted fruit

The pineapples were pretty much what you’d expect, although the grapes were fresh and crispy.

Chipotle Ranch Vegetable Salad

Unfortunately, this salad lacks spice. They are basic green vegetables with black beans, corn and other normal elements. The dressing is ranch but is very bland.

Ambrosia salad with almonds and coconut

We didn’t have the ambrosia salad with our meal.

House Seasonal Salad

The dressing flavor is again very subtle here, the cranberries add sweetness but could benefit more. The tomatoes are fresh and add a nice touch, there is also kale here. Overall a good salad.

Next we hit the soup bar.

Vegetable soup

The vegetables are not cooked and are too crunchy. The broth doesn’t stand up to the consistency and size of the vegetables in it, so it’s like a salty broth with large uncooked vegetables. This one is probably best skipped.

clam chowder

The clam chowder has a good flavor, you can taste the potatoes and clams. The potatoes are a little too spongy, like they’ve been sitting around. Otherwise, we recommend it.

Moving on, we headed to the hot bars.

Paella with seafood and chicken

Something about paella is very off-putting; it has a lingering artificial taste. The crab meat tastes very fishy and the remaining rice and seafood are salty. Maybe pass that on.

Sustainably caught fish of the day

Today’s fish was salmon with Asian glaze. It’s baked well and the glaze adds a slight sweetness. We’re not always salmon fans, so we were surprised that this was probably the best thing this side of the hot sea bass.

Fried shrimp

These were standard rates, nothing particularly special. We had ours at the bottom of the pot, so we assume they were crispy at some point.

Fried clam strips

Pasta of the day

It is of course Italian, and very sturdy. There is also kale, peppers, tomatoes and onions, and the pasta was well cooked. We enjoyed it overall.

vegetable tofu

This one was particularly bland. The tofu is hard and squishy, ​​and our knife bounces every time we try to cut it. Also, the soy sauce is flavorless. Difficult pass.

Seasonal vegetables

The carrots are not cooked through on this one and are oddly cold and crunchy. The rest is zucchini, green beans and standard red onions, all salted and peppered with oil.

The section for smaller diners is quite small and features standard children’s food available in Walt Disney World.

There was a chicken that looked so undercooked, we didn’t even dare to try it. Ketchup is also provided.

The mac and cheese is extra-cheesy and delicious, a home run for kids and adults alike.

The broccoli was halfway between cooked and raw. It was hot but undercooked, still crisp and fresh.

The pasta bar was our next stop.

Penne and turkey bolognese

The pasta is well cooked, while the sauce is really meaty, which is reflected nicely in the flavor. Hard to go wrong here.

Parmesan is also available to be added.

Cornbread and Parker Rolls

The cornbread tasted like it had been left out too long, but was fine otherwise.

Garlic herb butter, cheese spread and whipped butter

The whipped butter was pretty much as described, while the cheese was almost like too much of a boxed cheese flavor fake. Definitely pass.

Mashed potatoes

These were amazing. They are well done, salt and pepper, and the skins added texture. After trying its base flavor, we recommend enhancing it with some whipped butter from the bread bar.

Cheese pizza

Unsurprisingly, the pizza was really almost inedible. Incredibly fluffy and looks done, but we think the dough is not. The cheese is also very soft. The only positive is that the sauce ratio is good.

Lemon Pepper Roast Chicken

We found it to be both juicy and well seasoned. The skin could have been a bit crispier, but it is a buffet after all.

red potatoes

These are well cooked, lightly salted and the skin has a sheen when you have eaten them. We also recommend adding the butter from the bread bar here for a bit more flavor.

corn on the cob

Not much to add on the corn either, it was pre-buttered and salty thanks to the broth it is served in. Excellent taste, definitely a good choice.

Of course, we know a lot of people visit Cape May Cafe for the all you can eat seafood, so we were sure to try some!


These were a bit chewy and slightly too salty but didn’t taste fishy. Luckily, these don’t completely spoil the dish.


The clams tasted fresher than the neighboring mussels and had decent seasoning.

Shrimp peeled and eaten

These were a little tough and dodgy, and frankly we stopped after the second one. But the cocktail sauce helped.

Beef striploin

Tender and well seasoned, an excellent choice.

Two sauces are available for the striploin: creamy onion jam and homemade chimichurri. We tried ours with the chimichurri, and it was a delicious complement.

Of course, no buffet visit is complete without a visit to the dessert bar!

Plates and bowls are available just behind the dessert selection. Note that as of our visit last night the mask signs were still in place and do not reflect current policy.

Chocolate chip cookies with sugar and oats

All three cookies are available in jars and are pretty standard fare, all things considered. What you see is what you get.

Blueberry Cheesecake

vanilla cake

Oreo cookie

This is the signature dessert. Oreo on the bottom, cookies and cream filling, and sprinkled cocoa. Absolutely don’t miss this one.

lemon curd

The lemon curd is quite nice and tangy with texture. It’s topped with a whip and a square of white chocolate, and we recommend that one too.

Boston 50th Anniversary Cream Pie

Leave it to Disney to stick a 50th medallion on a dessert and call it commemorative. But the upside is that this one is pretty good. The filling is slightly sweet and the chocolate top is creamy with a buttery, crispy crust. Don’t skip this one either.

Strawberry Layer Cake

It’s like a cake with layers of panna cotta-like texture and strawberry jam on top. The artificial taste is overpowering and the panna cotta and jelly texture is off-putting, but we still oddly enjoyed it.

Gluten/Wheat Free Chocolate Mickey Domes

They are basically straight chocolate ganaches. They are not bad at all, quite the contrary. But they are very rich, so beware.

bread pudding

There’s a good texture here and it was well done. Plus the sauce added sweetness and crumble on top of the added crunch. Really, most of these desserts you can’t go wrong with.

Through our trips to the buffet, we were able to sample almost every item on offer.

Even pretty standard buns have not escaped our jurisdiction.

Items like the Vanilla Cupcake and Blueberry Cheesecake, both exactly as described, were also made. All in all, we were able to tidy up just about every item available so you know exactly what to try and what not.

Overall, we were not impressed with our experience at Cape May Cafe. While there were certainly some good choices among the selection, most were average foods made worse by being under the heat lamps for too long. However, if you’re looking for a buffet dinner, it’s not a bad choice.

If you’ve dined here before, you might notice that some high-end options like crab legs are missing from the buffet. They won’t be returning at this time and can be purchased a la carte for $29 a pound.

If you’re thinking of having breakfast at Cape May Cafe, be sure to also check out our full Throwback Breakfast Buffet review. And let us know what you thought when you dined at Cape May Cafe in the comments below!

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