Popular fast food breakfast menus ranked from worst to best

Remember when fast food restaurant breakfast menus were only available in the morning?

While we all love breakfast menus, we are certainly not fans of the drive-thru, hoping to do it before 11am.

Fortunately, those days are over.

Fast food outlets seem to have expanded their breakfast menus to last all day and offer some of the most popular food items.

But not all breakfast menus are created equal.

Here are the most popular fast food breakfast menus ranked from worst to best.


We love breakfast bread like English muffins and bagels. We love fresh tomatoes, crispy bacon, and cracked eggs sizzling on a platter. For all these reasons, Subway comes last on our list. The egg sandwich sidekicks were lazily dreamed up, with sub-par eggs and charcuterie; it just doesn’t make sense to start your day here.



With so many great coffee shops in Calgary, it’s a shame that so many people still frequent Starbucks. But it’s reliable, quick and easy; we understood. But there’s no excuse for having breakfast here except that it’s reliable, quick and easy. One thing it’s not, from egg sandwiches to sous vide egg bites, is good.


Burger King

Okay, we admire the breakfast menu at Burger King…sort of. The grilled burger chain has revamped its breakfast menu with an array of English muffin sandwiches, French toast sticks and the piece of resistertance, the Croissant’wich. Like everything at Burger King, it sounds good in theory, and you can see the effort; it’s just not very good after all.


Tim Hortons

Sorry Canada, the middle of the pack isn’t too bad. Right? Not counting the Timbits, which are not breakfast items and shouldn’t be considered as such, the food here just isn’t great.

The menu looks great, and it’s a big one with lots to offer. It’s also one of the worst cases of “not like the picture”. There are egg muffin sandwiches, yogurt bowls, bagel sandwiches and homemade cookies at Tim Hortons. It should be a home run, but they never pay off the way you’d hope.

With the exception of the Harvest Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap, this stuff is awesome.



Some people have a problem with A&W breakfast because they “don’t want hamburger buns in the morning,” and that’s understandable. It was weird when they did that, but those days are over. Now it’s just a line of really well made breakfast sandwiches on English muffins, decent pancakes and below average wraps.

The aspect that makes A&W breakfasts so appealing is the flat eggs in any style, real crispy bacon and a side of hash browns and toast.



This one put us in conflict. We so wanted other fast food breakfast menus to be better. We were hoping that like other fast food outlets now offering better burgers, fries and wraps, we would catch up in the breakfast game as well. They did not do it. McDonald’s has stuck to the basics, with the Egg McMuffin still the best in the game and wild classics, like the McGriddle.

It still destroys most fast food points. There is only a less successful and less popular fast food chain with a better breakfast menu…


fat burger

Don’t knock this breakfast down until you’ve tried it!

It’s not as good as Five Guys, Shake Shack or even A&W, but it’s pretty good for a high end fast food chain. The breakfast menu shines here, so much so that it’s on the verge of becoming better known than the morning menu.

Consider the standard bacon and egg sandwich here. It features a freshly cracked Canadian Grade A egg, served fried over medium heat, topped with American cheese and crispy maple bacon, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s made on a brioche bun.

There are also other sandwiches, breakfast plates and buttermilk pancakes.

The menu is simple here, but it does everything the right way, which is why it tops our list.


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