Podcast: A vision of the future of fast food

The pandemic has accelerated the restaurant innovation cycle. And with costs soaring at this stage of the recovery, from labor to materials, supply and more, operators continue to rely on technology to increase efficiency and meet certain pressing concerns of the current climate.

Ordering systems like kiosks and automation have become hot topics. Will restaurants need cashiers in the future? It’s a world that GRUBBRR CEO Sam Zietz is actively preparing for. GRUBBRR is a self-ordering technology company focused on commerce automation. Zietz and Karl Goodhew, CTO of Fast Casual BurgerFi, joined QSR Editors Danny Klein and Ben Coley to discuss their vision for the future. What do customers expect from fast services at this stage? How can brands deliver? And what comes next?

After a pilot project in four stores, where 52% of customers opted for an upsell and the average ticket increased by 18.5%, Burger Fi turned to GRUBBRR— a deployment that has begun to spread throughout the system. The kiosks, which don’t require cashiers, generate more revenue per customer, Goodhew said, while diverting labor so employees can focus on customer service. BurgerFi saw 50-75% of all in-store orders placed at a kiosk. They absorbed up to 133 orders per day on average, which accounted for 75% of total orders placed in the store and 78% of net sales.

Listen below Zietz and Goodhew’s conversation with the QSR team about these results, as well as a broader view of where the industry is heading from here.

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