Our Family’s Favorite Fast Food Fries in Wichita

If it’s one thing we eat a lot, it’s French fries. Without going into detail, let’s just say it’s sad what we eat all year round. We blame it specifically on the blog’s profit. We did a little case study to see which fast food restaurants in town had our favorite fries.

Throughout the year we visited every fast food restaurant in town and voted.

Three stood out as our favorites and deserved to be revisited several times. These are fries that could be eaten as they are without needing any sauce. There were a lot of fries which were better mainly because of the condiments that came with them. We taste our fries right out of the bag on the way back. After all, a good steak doesn’t need gravy. Ditto for the fries. A very good fries can be eaten as is. Without further ado, here’s our pick of the best fries in Wichita’s fast food scene.


The regional fast food chain has thick, crispy fries that are excellent. This is typically the “go to” for fries after drinking (for adults only, of course). There’s a nice coating of salt and best of all are the favorites. They are rarely soggy on the way back by car.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

The overwhelming favorite of children that also gets the love of adults is Freddy’s. Another Wichita original, they weren’t chosen because of their hometown love. There is just a lot of love because thin fries are a big hit with everyone. They can be eaten one at a time or in large handfuls. The sauce for fries is excellent, but certainly not necessary. These fries sometimes disappear before the car even reaches the driveway.


The international fast food chain McDonald’s rounds out the top three. It’s a classic. When done right, which can sometimes be a problem, they are close to fries perfection. I’m talking fresh out of the deep fryer and loaded with tons of salt. Better yet, a big one is 99 cents via the McDonald’s app.

If it was just my opinion without my family, Five Guys and Arby’s would be considered or at least in the top five.

If you had a top three, which restaurants would appear on your list? Ring below.

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