Opening of the new COSMO buffet restaurant in Bournemouth

A NEW buffet restaurant held a VIP opening day yesterday, with guests treated to food from around the world, three robot waiters and even the mayor throwing an egg in his hat.

COSMO launched its latest buffet restaurant in Bournemouth town center in the St Peter’s area of ​​St Peter’s Road yesterday.

Three robot servers (yes, really) patrolled the restaurant ready to pick up dirty plates from customers – and one of them, named Bella, can even sing Happy Birthday.

Robot Ketty is on hand to greet customers at the door and the third robot, called Hola, walks around the restaurant picking up dirty plates.

Guests loved the robots – with one food blogger in attendance saying it was “a unique and quirky way to please people”.

Server robot at COSMO

Delicious dishes from cultures around the world are available, including Asian Chinese World, Japanese Teppanyaki, Indian Spice House, Continental Italian, Tasting Cuisine for Family Favorites, Mediterranean Charcuterie and a rotisserie.

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Fifty people are employed at COSMO in part-time and full-time positions and they are always looking for more staff.

Jaqui Rock, Chairman of the Bournemouth Chamber of Commerce who attended the opening event, said: “What is interesting is how many people this restaurant employs in the area.

Bournemouth Echo: the pudding, as well as everything else, was exceptionalThe pudding, along with everything else, was outstanding

“We know most of the high streets have suffered, so it’s really great to see so many people here to rock Bournemouth – and the food is absolutely amazing; so diverse.

Mayor of Bournemouth, Cllr Bob Lawton, also present the night and there to cut the ribbon, said: “I wish COSMO every success – it is exactly what Bournemouth needs.

“It’s great so many jobs have been created and it’s a real boost for the local economy.

Cllr Lawton also offered some guests one of his hidden talents: tossing an egg into a toque on the head.

Suzanne Wink, Operations Manager at COSMO UK, said: “We are all looking forward to this day. The team has invested in it body and soul.

It’s so great to be opening a new restaurant after covid and we’re excited to see what the seaside town of Bournemouth brings to us.

She added: “The food is great and everyone is having a great evening.”

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