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Fast food items can have anniversaries, and on those special anniversaries, customers should expect to get some great deals. The iconic McMuffin just celebrated its 50th birthday and McDonald’s has brought the popular breakfast sandwich back to its inaugural price of 63 cents. Likewise, one of fast food’s most iconic burgers will be heavily discounted this weekend, in honor of its forty-six years on the menu.

Burger King’s Whopper, one of today’s oldest burgers, will only sell for 37 cents, exactly the same price it had when it was first added to menus in 1957. The promotion two-day, or birthday party, will be held Dec. 3 and 4 at all Burger King restaurants nationwide. Discount can be accessed through the Burger King app or website, and account registration is required. A limit of one coupon per person will apply.

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Courtesy of Burger King

According to Burger King, the iconic burger has 1,024 possible topping combinations, making it a highly customizable experience. When first created in the 1950s, the Whopper had all of the same classic components as today, including a quarter pound meat patty, and was unrivaled in popularity until when the Big Mac was created in 1968 (the Quarter Pounder was created even later, in 1972.)

But in addition to cutting back on its most popular sandwich, Burger King is also streamlining its menu in a bid to speed up service and boost sales. The chain has just announced that menu cuts are set to roll out soon, and while information on what might be the boot is still scarce, it’s been rumored that sandwiches with some level of complexity could be first on the log. .

Luckily, we’re pretty sure the Whopper isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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