Nintendo superstar Kirby crams fast food for the latest Japanese lottery prizes

Instead of crushing enemies, Kirby eats burgers, dozes next to pizza, and serves coffee.

If you like anything cute, you probably like Kirby. Who wouldn’t? This little guy has stolen the hearts – and powers of his enemies – since he first waddled onto the video game scene in the 1990s, and the volume of cute and adorable plush toys. Kirby-themed trinkets available is a testament to how much the masses adore this sweet little pink orb.

There’s been a surge of adorable Kirby-themed dishes in recent years, with Kirby Pop-Up Cafe being a regular show and users posting guides online for making your own Kirby-style snacks. Apparently the right people at Ichiban Kuji noticed this trend and decided to model their recent Kirby kuji lottery around food too!

Presentation of the Kirby’s Burger lottery!

Ichiban Kuji lotteries are commonplace in animation stores. You pay a fixed price for a ticket (650 yen, or US $ 5.94, in this case) and are generally guaranteed to receive a prize. The catch is, you have no way of guaranteeing what you earn! It can range from one of the lower quality prices, usually smaller and cheaper products, to big prices which can range from a gigantic plush toy to a… gigantic Goku figure.

Your 650 yen ticket could win Prize A: A gigantic plush pillow measuring 30 centimeters or 11.8 inches in height.

The Burger Kirby Leaping Cushion!

This yummy-looking burger pad has a Waddle Dee design etched into the bun and is filled with cozy layers of lettuce, fabric tomatoes, and cheese triangles. Just make sure you don’t run over the cute little Kirby plush tucked away on it!

Maybe you will win the B Prize instead. This is a beautiful plush toy, depicting Kirby in the depths of a pizza-fueled food coma. It even comes with its own slice of soft and cuddly pizza.

The plush is called the I am full! Kirby plush and… ditto.

The last of the grand prix is ​​a coffee carafe straight out of an American restaurant. Printed with Kirby’s sweet little face, it will be like having your own Kirby at home! A Kirby who just swallowed a jug of coffee, at least. Serve your coffee with Kirby’s Cafe Server!

As with all good lotteries in this work, you’re much more likely to win one of the many small prizes. This lottery, in particular, contains multi-purpose grocery bags, cute plastic Kirby and Waddle Dee figures, plates, mugs, stationery and face towels. And it’s all modeled after that vintage fast food aesthetic, so your price is guaranteed to be both stylish and mouthwatering.

But there is another draw (pun intended) in this lottery. If you take the very last ticket out of the box, you’ll win a bonus prize: a burger pad with a plush Waddle Dee on top instead of Kirby.

The lottery will be available at convenience stores, specialty stores and arcades across Japan from September 24. There is also a campaign for Japanese residents where you can win a bonus lottery selection prize, provided you follow the @ichibanKUJI Twitter account and tweet about the lottery using the appropriate hashtags. Good luck, and we hope you win something that will keep you going until the next Kirby Café!

Source: Ichiban Kuji Going through Netlab
Pictures: YouTube / BANDAI SPIRIT / バ ン ダ イ ス ピ リ ッ ツ

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