New York minimum wage for fast food workers drops to $ 15 an hour statewide this week

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Starting Thursday, the minimum wage for fast food workers will be raised to $ 15 an hour across New York state.

While the minimum wage for fast food is already $ 15 an hour in New York City, it has been $ 14.50 in the rest of the state since the end of December. The incremental increases were set by the Department of Labor under Governor Cuomo and began in 2015.

“It’s so important to mark that moment when yes some workers go up to $ 15 but the majority of workers are actually leaving this industry or have already left because the wages are just not enough, especially for tip workers who were not included. in this increase, ”said One Fair Wage President Saru Jayaraman.

While some say unemployment benefits are to blame for a shortage of workers in the restaurant industry, Jayaraman says many are ineligible and have moved on. She notes that many restaurants are not reopening because they cannot find workers. “We really only have two choices: raise wages or wait half the industry, half the Sunday brunches, half the Friday night dinners, half the great experience we had before the pandemic.” , she said.

Meanwhile, Republican Assembly Member Chris Tague says while he doesn’t blame anyone for wanting better wages, companies have struggled throughout the pandemic as well, and that the wage increase Minimum fast food restaurants in the northern parts of the state will make it difficult for some to stay afloat. “During this COVID crisis, we’ve had a transformation problem across the country, and you can see when you go to grocery stores or eat out, the price of different types of food has gone up dramatically,” Tague said.

He also noted that some fast food chains are using apps and technologies to replace workers.

The minimum wage for fast food cash effects establishments with 30 or more locations, many of which are individual franchises.

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