New Japanese street food restaurant opens in Aigburth

A new Japanese street food restaurant will open on Aigburth Road this week.

Sutikku specializes in Japanese-inspired street food and bowls, including gyoza, katsu curries, noodles, and more.

All of the restaurant’s sauces, glazes and brines are freshly prepared by the staff using the finest Japanese ingredients and local produce.

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Sutikku has featured on the food market scene, making appearances at food fairs such as GRUB Manchester, as well as Sheffield’s Peddler Night Market and more before the owners signed a lease for their new “home” of Aigburth Road in December 2020.

An article published in early January on the restaurant’s Instagram page read: “Announcement

“Right before Christmas we finally completed the lease on our new home for 2021 and beyond !!!!! We couldn’t be more excited even if we tried !!!!!!”

After having decorated and worked the premises of Aigburth Road for several months, the place should open its doors this Wednesday, May 12.

It can be found at 124 Aigburth Road, L17 7BP.

The coronavirus pandemic and the closures that followed have had a major impact on the hospitality industry and in some cases have led to the permanent closures of independent stores, businesses, restaurants, etc.

Domestic hospitality has not yet resumed, with restaurants, bars and cafes allowed to offer take-out and alfresco dining and drinking services until Monday, May 17.

From May 17, we must, tentatively, reach Stage 3 of the government’s roadmap to get out of lockdown, which loosens the boundaries for seeing family and friends.

At this point, most legal restrictions on outdoor dating will be lifted, although gatherings of more than 30 people will remain illegal.

The government’s roadmap out of lockdown aims to see all restrictions lifted by June 21 – if the government’s four key tests are met. The four tests include the continued successful vaccine rollout, vaccine efficacy, infection rates, and hospitals and new variants.

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