New Dhil’s Eats Vegan Fast Food Truck Opening Soon – Serving Plant-Based Foods Made From Scratch

A food truck offering a range of innovative vegan fast food dishes will soon be stationed in the county. Dhil’s Eats is set to open next week on a permanent basis.

Dhil’s Eats started during the pandemic in April 2020 as a food collection and delivery service, based in Syston. It proved very popular and owner Dhilon Devji decided the time was right to launch a food truck operating out of Aylestone Lane, Wigston.

People will not only be able to pick up their freshly made vegan food, but also see it being made and chat with the team behind the brand. Dhilon says he has been passionate about food and how food makes other people feel since he was about eight years old.

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“A normal kid at this age is in his toy cars, but I was too busy playing in the restaurant and making customers. Yet at such a young age, I didn’t know my calling was until April 2020 , when the pandemic hit and just after I graduated from university in physics,” Dhilon told LeicestershireLive.

Having given up meat at age 11 and missing foods like skewers and wings, Dhilon turned to alternatives like Quorn and Tofu, but felt they didn’t quite fit the bill. achieved their goal. “It always left a void in my stomach and a question in my head,” he said.

“Where can I find vegan chicken wings or research skewers? I couldn’t find any, so I made it, but even better, vegan.”

One of his first creations, the vegan wings, contains a candy cane “bone” inside. According to Dhilon, the “bone” isn’t just for imitation, it also releases moisture during cooking to ensure the inside of the wings are juicy while the batter on the outside gets crispy.

He says the plant-based kebabs, which he took 11 months to create, are what he’s most proud of. “I took a cue from Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown, who said, ‘Animals expend huge amounts of energy-guzzling plants to make protein. We start directly with plant material and build from that,” Dhilon said.

Food from Dhil’s Eats

“We use a blend of pea, rice and soy protein to achieve an amino acid profile similar to beef/mutton. We then add flavors, water and fat in the right proportions.

“Vegetable shortening actually melts at a similar temperature to beef suet, so when the kebabs are cooked, they’re juicy and have that meaty mouthfeel.”

Over the past two years, Dhilon’s other creations have included chili cheese bites and what he says is the world’s first soy-free vegan paneer. Meat alternatives are available in entrees such as wing boxes, loaded naans, and loaded fries.

“Dhil’s Eats is tasty and innovative and there’s nothing quite like it. You don’t have to feel like you’re running out of tasty, meaty foods anymore,” Dhilon said. “We deliver meat-free dishes without cruelty to animals and without putting pressure on the planet and its resources.”

Speaking about his decision to open a food truck, Dhilon said he wanted to bring an “LA food truck vibe” to Leicester.

“One of the downsides of running a food business from an enclosed kitchen is that you get less interaction from customers. We want to revolutionize the way food is served to the public.

“In LA you have a lot of food trucks and you can see the food being prepared in front of you. You can talk to the person who actually prepared your food.

“The UK weather isn’t always on our side, but I still believe we can create that atmosphere where you can come alone, with a friend or partner and enjoy some fresh street food and sit on the benches at outside our food truck or enjoy it in your car!

“Since the pandemic, going out to eat is not just about food. Going out to eat is about connecting with each other, food just facilitates those connections and is the catalyst – our food truck will create that buzz and atmosphere.”

Dhil’s Eats food truck is set to open on Thursday April 14 at 246 Aylestone Lane, Wigston. It will be open Thursday through Sunday, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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