New Authentic Greek Street Food Restaurant Laros Opens On Bold Street

A new Greek and takeaway restaurant has opened on Bold Street.

Bold Street in Liverpool city center is a hotspot for restaurants, cafes, shops and more – and its new addition is open now.

Laros is home to high quality, authentic Greek street food. The venue, which is a hybrid between a restaurant and a take-out, is the first of its kind, with stunning interiors for those who dine on-site, as well as delicious dishes that can also be enjoyed at home.

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Owner Nikolaos Fylladitakis has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and has his own restaurants in town.

Originally from Crete, the entrepreneur is keen to present authentic Greek cuisine of the highest quality, with the majority of Laros ingredients, including meat and dairy products, sourced and imported directly from Greece. Other ingredients are sourced locally using trusted independents.

Laros aims to offer the true authenticity of Greek street food, with delicious chicken or pork gyros and chicken, pork or lamb souvlaki.

Other menu staples include Laros’ Better Than Halloumi Talagani cheese fries, as well as the carb-free box and vegan pita wrap, which are made with a traditional island recipe for chickpea fritters. The menu also offers a range of fresh and authentic salads, including a classic Greek salad, a salad made with Politiki coleslaw, and a Cretan Dakos salad with tomatoes and olives.

For dessert, Laros presents Loukoumades in Liverpool for the very first time. Loukoumades are little balls of sweet Greek donuts traditionally served with honey syrup and chopped walnuts, but Laros put their own twist on the classic by adding lavender to their honey syrup. For those who fancy chocolate for dessert, Laros offers Loukoumades filled with white chocolate or hazelnuts.

Laros also offers a selection of Greek soft drinks including LOUX – orange, lemon and sour cherry, a variety of beers including Mythos, Alfa, Fix and Keo and a selection of local Greek wines. Laros also serves a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic slushies – perfect for enjoying the summer.

Nikolaos Fylladitakis said: “Laros means delicious and that is what we promise you: authentic, healthy and high quality Greek street food.

“Our aim is to guide you through a journey of real Greek flavors as we would appreciate them at home, and to end the misconception that street food cannot be made with the best ingredients and care. a refined cuisine.

“In Crete, ‘philoxenia’, meaning love for strangers, the desire for hospitality, is at the heart of our culture. When we welcome you to our house, we say something to you, we want you to feel like part of the family, to taste our best wine, our best cut of meat, to feel our culture and to travel through our history.

“We take great pride in providing our customers with our best food and warmest stories. Here in Laros, we promise you just that, a warm and delicious welcome and an introduction to real Greek cuisine, an amalgamation of street food, authenticity and comfort. “

Laros is open seven days a week from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. There are no reservations for tables, Laros accepts entries and collections.

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