Mystery Man Leaves $100 Tips For Fall River Fast Food And Salon Employees

FALL RIVER—Daddy Warbucks? Santa with a bankroll?

Whatever they call him, workers at fast food and barbershop businesses in Fall River who received $100 bills from a man who left no business cards appreciate his recent generous gesture.

“It shows that there is still good in the world and not just a bunch of crazy people running around,” said Rachael Thibault, who works as a beautician and barber at Supercuts in the South Coast Marketplace on William S. Canning Blvd.

Thibault said the unnamed man, so to speak, walked into his store last Saturday, dropped a C-note into the communal tip container, turned around and walked out.

The same thing happened over the weekend at three other businesses in the same commercial building.

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“Everyone was very happy and very surprised. They said, “We get a $100 tip, we get a $100 tip,” said Karen Davis, general manager of Tropical smoothie coffee.

“He just walked in, dropped it off and walked out,” she said.

Davis said no one had a good view of the gentleman or his vehicle. She said the $100 was split equally among everyone who worked that day.

Jenai Badillo, general manager of Jersey Mike's Subs in Fall River, said a man left a $100 bill in the tip jar last weekend.

But Jenai Badillo, Executive Director of Jersey Mike’s Subs, said his surveillance video gave insight into the man’s appearance.

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She said he appeared to be in his 30s and was wearing a black sweatshirt with white lettering that read “Jesus is good”.

Badillo said no one working that Sunday knew someone had left a $100 bill until one of his employees at some point noticed something unusual at the pickup counter.

“We were busy right after lunch and didn’t see it, but all of a sudden she saw a $100 bill in the tip jar,” she said.

Badillo says she got a rough look at the unusually generous dumpster while watching the video.

“He didn’t buy anything or pick anything up and didn’t tell anyone,” Badillo said. “We couldn’t believe it.”

A man walked into the Five Guys restaurant in Fall River last weekend and left a $100 bill in the tip jar, an official said.

Braulio Ortega, manager of the adjacent Five Guys burger restaurant, said he learned from his staff that a man had come in over the weekend, left a $100 bill in the tip jar and walked out .

Ortega said he also heard someone over the weekend left three $100 bills for employees at Wendy’s across the street.

A manager working at Wendy’s on Tuesday said she could not tell if anyone had in fact left three $100 bills.

Fall River's James DuBois said anyone who tips fast food workers $100 must

Retired MassHighway employee James DuBois said he heard the news on social media that a man had left $100 bills, not just for employees, but in one case for a few customers fast food.

“He must have a good heart if he’s handing out all that money, especially with all the issues these days,” DuBois said.

He added, “It’s nice to get a hundred bucks once in a while.”

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