My craving for late night winter fast food

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. I happen to have hundreds of them. During the winter one of my stops is Wendy’s. My combination for the cold consists of chili, a baked potato, nuggets and fries.

There aren’t a lot of drive-through fast food places to get chili and Wendy’s isn’t that bad. It’s not great or horrible, just average; hot chili seasoning packets certainly help. Sometimes, however, I would like them to give less liquid flows. My last visit was pretty liquid. Maybe Wendy’s makes it smoother to save money, I don’t know. For a few bucks, I’ll still get it every now and then.

My favorite dish is the baked potato. It’s probably the saddest ever, but for some reason it does the trick, especially when loaded with sour cream. The secret fast food trick? Load a lot of condiments. I don’t know what about Wendy’s baked potato; it just makes me happy. I’ve been eating it for decades and probably won’t stop.

Then I always have to get some nuggets with a few sachets of sauce.

And to complete the whole meal, the new fries are an improvement. They aren’t as bland, better seasoned, and no longer look like Lincoln logs.

What’s your winter fast food guilty pleasure?

Good dinner,

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