M’sian Rants about paying RM39.90 for the steamer buffet but not being allowed to add more prawns

When it comes to buffet, the phrase “eat all you can” comes to mind. But recently, a man from Johor Bahru apparently couldn’t eat all he wanted.

Recently, the man shared his experience of dining at a steamboat buffet in JB via a Facebook group known as 新山消费者投诉平台. He had paid RM39.90 for the steamer buffet, however, he refrained from adding more prawns after just one plate.

“I only had a small plate of prawns. Why is it limited? Is the steamer buffet not a buffet? He asked.

The man said he was told that the prawns were reserved for the other customerThat’s why he wasn’t allowed to add more shrimp to his menu. He then said,

“Might as well make it an a la carte dinner then. There’s no need for a steamboat buffet if the food is reserved for others.

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After showing the picture of the prawns he ate, he asked people if he actually ate too many.

We’re not going there anymore

Her post got a lot of attention and instead of answering her questions, netizens actually shared their experience on the spot.

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“I was there a few years ago. Surroundings were dirty, seafood was not fresh, service was bad. I’m surprised they still survive.

“This place has a history of at least 25 years. The prawns were their top sellers back then, but I stopped going for hygienic reasons.

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“I went there and it was my first and my last. Had their crabs but I was so pissed off. Not only were they not fresh, the crabs had little to no meat and they were mostly water inside.

Although he paid the full amount, do you think it’s fair that the place prevents him from adding more to his plate?

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