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Chefs Rolando and Jackie Laudico cook up the best Filipino breakfast at Guevarra’s

A perfect weekend morning, for some, means waking up from a slumber that’s uninterrupted by alarms, a great cup of coffee, and best of all, a spread to start the day. In a Filipino setup, there is a beloved formula for creating the best breakfast, which is the silog. But if working in the kitchen isn’t part of your morning rituals, this restaurant in San Juan City is the place to visit.

Run by Chefs Rolando (Lau) and Jackie Laudico, Guevarra’s is among the go-to dining spots for anyone looking for the best breakfast buffet experience. The key to its fame is its loyalty to Filipino breakfast culture.

“My inspiration for our breakfast buffet is based on the Pinoys’ love of silogs (sinangag-itlog) so you can pretty much create your own garlicky sinangag rice with any style of eggs and main courses,” says Chef Lau. “But of course we offer much more than just silogs.”

Their breakfast buffet has around 40 items, which is more than enough to satisfy all morning cravings. The best way to start the morning feast is with their sumptuous pastries. The restaurant’s bread corner is filled with local bread like ensaymada, pan de coco, panish bread, alongside pizzas inspired by Filipino flavors such as tocino and tuyo.

Angus Beef Tapasilog

Diners can also customize their own silog plate. They can choose from hearty entrees like garlic longganisa Vigan, daing na bangus, crispy danggit and adobo chicken and pork, typical morning dishes like hot dog, bacon and corned- beef to accompany their fried rice and eggs. But what they shouldn’t miss is the restaurant’s signature Angus beef tapa.

“Our Angus beef tapa takes a long time to prepare,” says Chef Lau. “We marinate it first, then it’s oven-dried and finished on the grill to give it that distinctive smoky flavor.”

To complement the morning feast, the restaurant kitchen also serves classic Filipino porridges like champorado and arroz caldo. Sweet indulgence is offered by its waffles, pancakes, cereals and yogurt, as well as the delicious kakanin offerings from its dessert table.

“Everything is prepared from scratch using the freshest and finest ingredients,” explains Chef Jac. “No shortcuts, no artificial flavors and no MSG.”

Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico’s Breakfast Buffet is available every Sunday, from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., priced at 499 net per person. You can find it at 387 P. Guevarra at the corner of Argonne, Addition Hills, San Juan City. Visit to find out more.

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