M&M Soul Food Cafe now repeat offender 5 times in Dirty Dining

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – When we first visited the M&M Soul Food store on Las Vegas Boulevard this summer, owner Tim Gilmore invoked a higher power when asked about his restaurant’s problems with the Health District.

“The good Lord does what he does.”

He also described financial hardship and neglectful employees.

“Forget their little basic 101 stuff so it caused – it was a bigger problem for me as an owner. But, like I said, we’re ready to do rock and roll again. to be open and come back to what I do. “

But M&M has not picked up the pace.

It was closed again on September 17, making it a repeat offender five times. Three of them in the last 90 days alone at the Las Vegas Boulevard location near Sahara Avenue.


The latest shutdown was due to the failed re-inspection of grade C of 36 demerits they got on August 22.

To pass the re-inspection, a restaurant cannot earn more than 10 demerit points. M&M got 33 with seven repeat infractions, including improper hand washing, dirty kitchen utensils in clean storage, exposed insulation in the freezer, and 11 bags of collard greens cut to unsafe temperatures.

A food handler touched a trash can with gloved hands, then touched ready-to-eat bread with soiled gloves.

There was mold in the ice maker, live and dead bugs on the bulk flour and elsewhere in the kitchen and inspectors say the required cooling logs “appeared to be tampered with.”

M&M had not displayed its grade C card and there was no certified food protection officer on site.

Now the man who welcomed us orders us to stay outside.

We wanted him to have a say, so we called him to let him know we were on a taped line.

“M&M Soul Food again exhibited the highest number of disabilities,” said Darcy Spears. “I just wanted to reach out and find out if there was a way to talk about what you’re going through with the health district.”

“Well, first of all, it’s actually old,” Gilmore said.

He calls the old September 17 inspection because M&M recovered their A rating with zero demerits on September 19.

He went on to say, “Apart from everything else, all the challenges that we have and the loss of business due to the fact that we’ve been on your show so many times and what have you got, c ‘is it.”

Due to a history of non-compliance, M&M Soul Food Cafe has been placed in the administrative process of the health district.

The Health District describes its administrative process as:

“Environmental health staff spend considerable time in facilities when a downgrade occurs, educating staff and resolving issues. This includes reviewing an establishment’s procedures to identify how methods can be changed or implemented, demonstrate how to perform tasks correctly, and provide continuing education. Unfortunately, some facilities are unable to achieve compliance and continue to exhibit a model of uncontrollable risk factors for foodborne illness. If this model continues, we are implementing an incremental process designed to advance the institution’s education, as well as to include increased regulatory requirements. “

Because we talked about it, Gilmore said, “I’m being harassed. So I have nothing more to say.”


The main dining room at the Casino de Paris hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard near Flamingo Road has also been placed in the administrative process due to repeated breaches of the health code.

It was closed on September 17 for a multi-generation cockroach infestation.

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Other toilets in Paris have also been closed for cockroaches, making the hotel’s casino a repeat Dirty Dining offender.

On September 24, the main dish room was back to an A zero demerit rating.

We did not receive a response to our request for comment.


Taqueria El Buen Pastor is also a repeat Dirty Dining offender in several places.

Their food truck on East Bonanza and Las Vegas Boulevard was closed on September 18 for an imminent health hazard related to its ventilation system.


There was also a large cooked asada platter still in use even though it was a week old.

Taqueria El Buen Pastor was back to an A grade without demerit on September 19.

No one responded to our request for comment.


Tejuinos Don Raul, a food truck on East Lake Mead Boulevard between Nellis and Christy, was closed on September 19 for two imminent health risks: no water and inadequate refrigeration.

Inspectors also found several flies in the food preparation area.

Contacted by phone, the owner did not comment on the closure.

The health district said Tejuinos Don Raul has yet to schedule a re-inspection, so it is still closed.


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