Memorial Zone Comfort Food Restaurant sets move date to new location

It’s official. Papy’s coffee is in motion.

For 34 years, Memorial-area’s beloved comfort food restaurant has operated at 9041 Katy Freeway, but the location is scheduled to close on March 31. On April 5, Pappy’s will open at its new location in a former Texas Land & Cattle at 12313 Katy. Highway, approximately five miles west of present location. The restaurant announced plans to move last year, and the March 27 announcement makes it official.

“After so many years there is a lot of sentimentality around the original location – but we will still serve the same old-fashioned charm and classic Texas comfort food that our guests have always known and loved.” , said Paul, the owner of Pappy’s Café. Braden, in a statement: “We invite our loyal customers and the Memorial Village community to come out and say goodbye to the original Pappy’s, have a great meal and share some memories before the big move.”

While this is a bit difficult for current Pappy regulars, the new location offers some significant perks, including more space, better parking, an expanded bar, and two private dining rooms. The current staff and menu will remain the same.

Trying to predict the future of the restaurant business is even more foolish than picking NCAA support, but Pappy’s track record of success at its current location speaks volumes about its ability to meet the needs of its customers. Hopefully the new location will allow him to live for many more years.

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