McDonald’s gigs help fast food worker become famous with restaurant customers

A McDonald’s employee has become a celebrity among customers – regularly singing during shifts. Richard Walker, 31, first performed at the fast food joint five years ago and found fans kept coming back to ask questions about his upcoming show.

The restaurant manager then offered him a permanent slot at the London branch on Liverpool Street, and now he regularly sings his tunes behind the counter. Richard, from Streatham, said: “I sing almost every night. Sometimes just a few songs, sometimes I can go all night – just call me Lionel Richie Walker.

“Acting is hard work, but when I see surprised and happy people dancing, singing and taking out their phones to film while waiting, I’m humbled. I never thought anyone would ever appreciate something I have do like this.

The customer experience leader has worked at McDonald’s since 2012, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he first showed off his skills. He offered to sing a series of songs to help raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, including “I Can See Clearly Now”, “Don’t Worry About A Thing”, and “Three Little Birds”.

Single man Richard said: ‘I offered to sing inside the store because even though I wasn’t very good, the sheer weirdness of someone singing over burgers would be quite shocking. It would be a memorable novelty.

“A lot of people smiled, waved, donated to our charity, but I really knew I was on to something a few days later when people came back a few days later still talking about it. .”

He was invited to continue performing in a permanent slot in the busy restaurant and has since raised over £2,000 for charity. Richard now regularly sings songs by Bob Marley, Bruno Mars and Luther Vandross for fast food lovers

Richard said: “Some sing and dance with me, we are all energized by customer reactions. I like to show people that we are talented people behind the McDonald’s counter – I hope it improves the sometimes negative stereotypes of fast food workers. We are gifted human beings.

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