Maidstone Wimpy: My Unforgettable Fast Food Experience Now In The Shadow Of McDonald’s – Emily-Jane Heap

There is so much to choose from when it comes to fast food these days that it’s hard to know where to start when trying to find a place to grab a bite to eat.

Gone are the days when you had to walk into a fast food restaurant and talk to someone in person – now it’s about getting behind the wheel or ordering through an app from the comfort of your bed.

But human interaction isn’t the only thing that has been forgotten with the advent of the 21st century – a handful of once-beloved fast food chains have been sidelined by people like McDonald’s and KFC.

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The golden arches and fried chicken may have been around for a while, but the Wimpy takeout joint has been in the UK for two more decades, and it’s showing no signs of going anyway anytime soon.

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In fact, a recent investment program saw many franchised restaurants switch to the company’s new “shift” design, which builds on the brand’s strong heritage and nostalgic traditions, while also featuring new colors. , bright furnishings and uniforms.

Wimpy has also taken a step into the modern era by introducing home delivery – with more than half of its restaurants now offering home delivery services through apps like Just Eat.

Wimpy has been in the UK since 1954
Wimpy has been in the UK since 1954

Considering the fast food chain has been in the UK for 67 years now, it seems remarkable that I haven’t heard of it, so thought it was about time I gave it a try.

The basic red and white color scheme and old-fashioned decor of Wimpy in Maidstone was somewhat heartwarming.

It reminded me of days at McDonald’s as a kid before switching to a slightly classier green uniform and better furniture.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a good selection of vegetarian options on the menu, including a Spicy Bean Burger and a Southern Fried Quorn Burger.

A quick Google search shows that some restaurants now even serve a Beyond Meat vegan burger, proving that Wimpy is trying to keep up with the times.

They also offer all-day breakfasts, jacket potatoes, salads, toast, and a huge selection of retro sundaes and sweet treats.

A nostalgic favorite being the Brown Derby, which is a Wimpy classic consisting of a hot donut topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and mini chunks of fudge.

Sadly all they had to offer was Mr. Whippy ice cream
Sadly all they had to offer was Mr. Whippy ice cream

The staff at Wimpy in Maidstone could not have been more welcoming, they greeted me as soon as I walked into the restaurant with happy faces and smiles rarely seen in fast food establishments.


As much as we all like sometimes to avoid talking to people, it is much more enjoyable to interact with a human than a machine.

Unfortunately for me, my first experience with Wimpy was about to be disappointed that they were closing at 4pm and therefore had stopped serving food by the time I arrived.

I was looking forward to my nostalgic meal at this point so it was a bit disappointing but the staff were extremely apologetic and offered me ice cream instead.

You couldn’t be more nostalgic than a Mr. Whippy with a flake, so I was pretty happy with the result.

Although closing time is approaching, the staff were in no rush to rush customers and made an effort to entertain the children sitting in the restaurant.

The restaurant has retained its basic colors and decor
The restaurant has retained its basic colors and decor

Wimpy is clearly making a conscious effort to please the next generation, without losing the element of nostalgia it brings.

There was something reassuring about seeing a new generation enjoying a takeout that existed long before my parents were born.

I will be sure to visit Wimpy and hope to try the food next time.

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