Look inside Burton’s new street food restaurant where you can try it all

A brand new street food restaurant where you can try everything on the menu without even ordering has arrived in downtown Burton.

The Crooked Skewer offers street food from around the world and is based in Guild Street. It will emphasize Indian delicacies and promise to bring fun to dining.

Small portions of whatever is on the menu are brought to the table once diners have settled down and he comes on his own grill so the food doesn’t get cold or dry out.

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Then, diners can choose more of their favorite dish during the “bottomless” dining experience.

Chef Amin Choudhury, whose son Yusuf owns the restaurant with Chand Dev Lohami, explained how he originally had a restaurant in Hull and then started to line up the kitchen when covid hit and they all had to close when the building was hit by a tree. He wanted to move to Burton to be near his mother and so the new restaurant was born.

He was a chef for 18 years, even serving former Prime Minister David Cameron in his day, but he wanted to move away from fine dining to make his meals accessible to everyone but in a fun way.

Mr Choudhury said: “We bring the grill and the food is still cooking at the table and you take it off the skewer while it’s still cooking. It’s a bottomless meal with various skewers BBQ and street food.There are 20 to 30 items they can go by.

“First we bring the canapes, then the first pre-starters, the first half of the meal, a palate cleanser, the second half of the meal and then at the end there is a theatrical staging of the desserts with dry ice The concept is accessible to all.

“I want to make high-end food accessible to everyone, so I found a way to serve high-end food in a fun way. There’s no order taking, we’ve eliminated the need to make a choice for you to get everything fresh every day.

“There is no carryover of food. We did it in an original way.”

The bar also comes with dry ice and there are test-tube style cocktails.

He only moved to Burton before Christmas and had the restaurant, which is based in the old Venezzia building, ready to open in just four weeks. Venezzia moved further down Station Street to what was the old bicycle shop.

He said: “I love Burton. I think it’s a small town and you can really shine in this town really quickly. That concept doesn’t exist already and we want to inject some fun into dining for locals. by Burton.

“We will work with the community to do things and give back. I’m very keen on giving back to the community. We’ve done big kitchens before and got locals involved and they get a kit.

“I’m a real person. I’m not motivated by money, I want to see this restaurant crowded and people having fun. I don’t want people coming here and finding out they ordered the wrong thing, so I eliminated that.”

Crooked Skewer also offers a takeaway service and tables can be reserved via the Facebook page or by calling 07491 334265.

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