Longtime Lincoln Sideboard Closes Permanently | To eat

Valentino’s announced Tuesday the definitive closure of its Grand Buffet Italien at 70th Street and Van Dorn Streets.

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The coronavirus pandemic and ongoing labor shortages have called for another Lincoln restaurant.

Valentino’s announced on Tuesday that its Grand Italian Buffet store on 70th and Van Dorn streets, which had been closed for a year, would not reopen.

The company said in a press release that it has “reluctantly decided to shut down” the buffet and dining room at the 70th and Van Dorn in Lincoln for good. He blamed labor shortages and the effects of COVID-19.

Originally opened as Valentino’s Ristorante in October 1974, the location began offering the buffet in the late 1970s and was transformed into the Grand Buffet Italien in the summer of 2002.

“We are grateful to our loyal customers over the years,” said Tony Messineo, president of Valentino. “This Valentino buffet was an integral part of many family traditions, including our family as well.”

Valentino’s said it will continue to operate its delivery and delivery site, which is at the same site but in a different building.

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Valentino’s has also operated a buffet for years from its original location near the East Campus, but that building was demolished in 2014 and replaced with a sit-down restaurant, whose dining hall is currently open.

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