Lena’s Soul Food Cafe – Eat

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to travel from San Francisco to East Oakland…with $13 in his pocket…and he has explicit instructions from his boss to eat every thing on the new 99’s. Lena’s Soul Food Cafe. – cents menu. For Thrillist San Francisco editor Joe Starkey, that time has come.

Expensive coffee

Buy yourself a coffee to start your adventure, immediately regret spending half your budget on it.

Purchasing BART Tickets

Grab a BART ticket or top up your Clipper card, whichever you want, we don’t judge.

BART musician

Tip the truly surprisingly talented guitarist, as opposed to the rather dodgy gentleman with a paper cup who, somewhat menacingly, continues to tell people he “knows black belt karate.”

Oakland Adventure Crush Candy

Tired of waiting for your lazy friends to give you an extra life in candy Crush, and buy one yourself. Admit you might need some help after realizing you spent $40 on a “free” game this month.

Beef link at Lena's Soul Food Kitchen

Finally arrive at your destination, Lena’s Soul Food Cafe, where they’ll be happy to offer you a selection of homemade comfort foods for $0.99 each, like this: BBQ beef, fried chicken and peas black-eyed, who are definitely ready to start here.

Okra at Lena's Soul Food Kitchen

Their veggies are all fresh and really delicious (because that’s how southern cooking makes veggies).

FAIL Counter

Try to be a good citizen by giving someone a little extra meter time. Get the meter told they don’t take bills.

The works of Lena's Soul Food Cafe

Here it is, all the comfort food feast you can grab for under $6. Also pictured: ridiculous amount of cash remaining.

Banana Pudding at Lena's Soul Food Cafe

Choose not to give your boss change and instead pop him on the homemade $3 banana pudding from the regular menu, which is still quite affordable. You earned it.

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