LawnStarter Report: Cincinnati Residents Love Fast Food, at Cincinnati Restaurant News

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Does this make your mouth water?

Yeah, yeah, we know. Why would Cincinnatians opt for fast food when the area offers so many delicious local dishes of all types?

But you know what? Almost everyone craves a McRib or an Impossible Whopper at some point of the year. Some of us just crave it a little more than others, it seems.

Lawn care service LawStarter has ranked its best cities for fast food lovers for 2022, and Cincinnati naturally ranks high. Queen City is No. 45 out of 196 metros on the list, with an overall score of 31.87 (for comparison, Orlando’s top fast food city has 66.03).

To determine where people can easily and happily dine on the go, LawnStarter assessed both access to fast food (the number of fast food outlets per 100,000 population and the number of food delivery services) and the quality (the number of Thrillist’s Fasties award-winning locations and the median consumer rating for fast food outlets).

LawnStarter says that apparently what Cincinnati doesn’t have in abundance, we make up for in quality. The Queen City scores a modest 92 for access, but an encouraging 36 for quality.

For Ohio, Columbus ranks a bit higher on the overall list at #23. Dayton is #83, Cleveland is #148, Toledo is #165, and Akron is #188 (we let’s see this raw quality score, Akron).

Cities in Kentucky fared slightly better, with Louisville ranked 9th (thanks to being the hub of Yum! Brands, which includes Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC) and Lexington ranked 28th.

Hey, at least we’re not Laredo, Texas, which comes last on LawnStarter’s list with an overall score of 7.06. Then again, maybe the lack of fast food is a good thing?

See LawnStarter’s full list of fast food havens across the US.

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