Kirby’s Dream Buffet: Tips and Tricks

Kirby’s Dream Buffet has the adorable little puff ball that rolls against other players to become the greatest Kirby around. Becoming the Superior Kirby involves rolling, eating, and beating baddies with Kirby’s soft, squishy body. But Kirby’s Dream Buffet isn’t just about eating strawberries and having fun; there are a lot of things new players need to know before starting their gourmet tournament.

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Whether it’s unlocking adorable new costumes, discovering the best paths to take while racing, or increasing your foodie points, there are plenty of things players need to know before they begin their buffet adventures.


ten Free rolling

Free Rolling is a way for players to get familiar with the game and, more importantly, a chance to test powers and relax. This sandbox mode has a number of areas to explore, some with small artwork from past Kirby games. There are tons of secrets to uncover in Free Rolling, including little Waddle Dee mannequins to bully and secret strawberries to find. You can even join Free Rolling mode with friends online, explore and battle your friends in an open world environment.

The rewards menu contains a comprehensive list of everything you can possibly unlock in the game. New colors to decorate your Kirby, costumes to dress up in, and music to enjoy are all locked behind your Gourmet rank. With over 135 rewards to unlock, you can see the next five items players can unlock and everything you already have on a handy list. However, the list is not immediately obvious to players jumping straight into the game, but players can find the rewards menu on the left side of the welcome table.

8 Little Kirby can hover longer

The objective of Kirby’s Dream Buffet is to get as big as possible by eating more strawberries than any other Kirby you race against. As you get bigger, you can intimidate other players, throwing Kirby’s weight to knock out enemies and your competition.

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However, becoming the taller has a pretty significant downside, losing some of your hover power. Useful when you fall off an edge, Kirby’s hover power gives you a second chance to get back on stage without losing any cutters. However, the taller you are, the less hover power you have, so keep an eye on your height and make sure you don’t fall off the edge.

When players start a race, one of Kirby’s Dream Buffet’s three game modes, a small pop-up menu will show you some details about your race. This is all your information about the stage you are running on. Once you’ve played enough races, you’ll start to get familiar with the food names and decor. As you increase your Gourmet rank, more food options may appear, changing the race track and adding new challenges to your race. Some of the foods that determine your race include burgers, cakes, donuts, etc.

6 What do the different fruits do

While Kirby’s Dream Buffet’s main goal is to gobble up all the strawberries you can find, that’s not the only fruit available. In Race mode, players can also eat raspberries, cherries, and blueberries. All of these fruits add to your Strawberry total but can also have an additional bonus. At the end of a run, additional rewards can be awarded based on how many other fruits you have collected.

5 Falling off the edge means a big loss of points

Falling off an edge in a video game is rarely a good thing. Usually you lose a bunch of points or maybe a life. Although there are no lives to lose, there are certainly plenty of strawberries to lose. Falling off the edge is bad enough, but losing up to 30 strawberries for your mistake only adds insult to injury. Being bigger makes it harder to get knocked down, but if your opponent has a special ability, there’s not much you can do but hope you don’t get knocked down.

4 Playing online will earn more gourmet points

If you’re looking to maximize your Strawberry earnings to increase your Gourmet Rank, then playing online is the way to go. Regular offline matches will award Gourmet Points at an equal rate, meaning if you win and earn 200 Strawberries, you will add 200 Gourmet Points to your Gourmet Rank. However, if you play online, you can earn a multiplier to earn even more strawberries.

3 You can communicate with the D-Pad

Although this is a mostly online game, there isn’t much communication with your fellow Kirbys. Short of joining a group call or chatting Discord with friends online, there are very few methods of communicating with anyone else.

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Players can use the D-Pad to communicate basic and absolutely adorable Kirby-themed expressions. These commands are only available in online mode, so if you haven’t tried online mode, you might miss this feature altogether.

2 Some copy food abilities have additional effects

Copy effects are the main way to attack other players, and there’s a wide range of abilities to find. Copy abilities include everything from the classic Stone and Burning abilities to the new Jelly ability. Most of these abilities have an extended effect that players can activate by holding down the R button longer or pushing it quickly. While using the Burn ability, Kirby will dash forward, damaging enemies and giving him a burst of speed. Quickly pressing the R Button will cause Kirby to go slightly further than normal.

1 Reaching the end first in races is VERY IMPORTANT

It seems obvious to say that winning is the most important part of a race, but with Kirby’s Dream Buffet, coming first has a huge impact on the rest of the Grand Prix. Reaching the end of the race gives you the chance to choose from a huge cake worth an additional 50 strawberries, which will often be more than what you earned in the race itself. Without this major boost for your strawberries, winning the next challenges can be difficult, but not impossible.

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