Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a new board game coming to Nintendo Switch this winter

Followed by Kirby and the Forgotten Landdeveloper HAL Lab is set to release the next pink ball adventure with Kirby’s Dream Buffet is coming to Nintendo Switch (via the eShop) this winter. And it’s winter for us in Australia, which means over the next month.

With local and online multiplayer, the following trailer gives us a taste of what to expect.

Launching exclusively on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, Kirby’s Dream Buffet features a gang of Kirbys traveling through an assortment of food-themed stages in four rounds of frenetic multiplayer fun. Players will race through these delicious obstacle courses to collect strawberries as Kirby grows, knocking other players off the stage and using familiar copy abilities – or food copy abilities, like they are called here – to thwart the competition.

As noted above, there’s a Fall Guys vibe set for bright, colorful action that mixes racing with obstacles and knocks other players out of the scene. That said, this is limited to four players and definitely builds on the Kirby franchise, with players able to grow in size – and even have their weight in the outcome.

More details on how this will all work are expected soon, so stay tuned.

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