Kirby’s Dream Buffet: Best Copy Food Abilities

The Kirby The franchise has always been known for coming up with new ways to present the fun adventures of the little pink ball of chaos. The last adventure is Kirby’s Dream Buffeta board game that shrinks Kirby to a size that allows him to race other Kirbys on giant pieces of food.

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But although it is a different kind of Kirby Game, Kirby’s Dream Buffet picks up a core element from the main titles: the copy capabilities. There are a total of eight different abilities that can be used during a Gourmet Grand Prix, but there are some that stand out as more useful than others.


8 Needle

A long-standing ability in the Kirby franchise, Needle comes in the form of a spiky ball that appears to be made of honey. This power allows Kirby to become a spiked bullet, with anyone who encounters him being knocked back or even offstage.

Using the needle ability without further action causes Kirby to stay there, but pressing the ability button again will cause Kirby to do a short dash in a random direction that can still cause an opponent to dive into his dead. But since this dash isn’t always reliable and the ability is so stationary, it’s easily among the least useful powers in the game.

seven Drill

A copy ability that was first introduced in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Drill makes his second appearance in this spin-off game. He appears on stage as a twisted carrot, which matches the theme of all the copy abilities in the game as they are all food-based.

Kirby can use this ability to go underground and may be able to deal damage to opponents as he enters and exits the basement. That said, he doesn’t appear much during the Gourmet Grand Prix when he should, given that he can severely damage opponents when Kirby digs a circle around an opponent.

6 High jump

Jumping is an important part of navigating Kirby’s Dream Buffet’s delicious courses, but what if players can skip a large chunk of it with a massive leap? This is the role of the copy ability Hi-Jump, which looks like a gummy worm before being picked up.

Like the drill, High jump doesn’t show up often enough to place higher on this list, but there’s something to be said for the possibility of gaining a huge advantage in the race. Landing after a high jump can also deal damage to opponents, temporarily preventing opponents from moving forward.

5 Wheel

While racing in Kirby’s Dream Buffet is all about riding like a normal Kirby, sometimes there’s the opportunity to race like a real wheel. Another must-have Kirby franchise, the Wheel the ability does what players expect it to do.

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When activating the wheel, which looks like a donut, players will move faster and eliminate opponents. This ability is similar to some of the speed pads players may encounter in levels, except it’s something that can be activated at any time. This is one of the few abilities that works well in races and battle royale.

4 Burning

Fire is always among the first abilities players face in Kirby games, and there’s a good reason for that. Over the years, the ability has continued to involve incorporating new ways to breathe fire at opponents, such as dashing like a fireball.

The Burning The ability, which looks like a red pepper, acts similarly to the wheel as it launches Kirby forward while knocking opponents down. The only difference is that those stunned by Burning appear to be stunned a bit longer, which is why this power has the advantage over Wheel.

3 Rock

There are some abilities that really serve a purpose and don’t have much variety, but Rock is such a powerful ability that it’s hard not to rank it among the best powers in the game. The stone, presented as a chocolate bar, appears mainly during the battle royale mode.

Once activated, Kirby will leap into the air and transform into a candy bar and smack, creating a wave that could knock enemies off the course. Not only that, but holding the button down will create an even bigger wave that is almost broken unless opponents are actively trying to jump over it.

2 Goo

The only ability in the game that hasn’t appeared in other games, Goo might seem like a strange ability at first until using it more in different circumstances shows just how valuable this ability can be. By picking up a plate of jelly, Kirby will be able to activate this ability and become jelly himself.

As you move, there are puddles of jelly that can slow down opponents. Jelly can pass through blocks, including cookie barriers during a run. It can also be used to dodge all attacks, but its effect does not last long, so there is a strategy for when to activate it. It’s a great defensive ability.

1 Tornado

The game consists of rolling over various foods, but mainly cakes. So it makes sense that one of the abilities is a cupcake. Picking it up will give Kirby the Tornado ability, and it can be used in any mode for many different purposes.

When racing against opponents, activating Tornado is perfect for picking up nearby strawberries and stunning other Kirbys. During battle royale, he can also stun enemies and potentially knock them off the stage. Holding the ability button creates a larger area to catch strawberries. All around it’s quite powerful.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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