Jimmy Buffet-themed ‘Margaritaville at Sea’ cruise placed under navigation ban by US Coast Guard | Florida News | Orlando

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A Jimmy Buffet-themed cruise ship is barred from sailing to the Bahamas following a no-sailing order from the US Coast Guard.

The Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s former Grand Clasica has been moved to a beach theme after being purchased by cruise line Margaritaville at Sea. The ship has been in service since its construction in 1991 for various cruise lines. Now dubbed the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise, the ship was banned from sailing from the Port of Palm Beach to Grand Bahama Island.

“Cruise ships operating in the United States are required by federal law to pass a certificate of compliance examination every 6 months,” the US Coast Guard explained. “During the annual review of this vessel, Port State Control Officers identified conditions that required the vessel to remain in port until rectified due to the safety of the crew and passengers. The vessel will not sail until conditions are rectified.”

In a statement shared with the Orlando Sentinel cRuise Line CEO Oneil Khosa said the ship was “quickly undertaking” corrective actions.

“The cruise line’s shore and onboard crews are working closely with the United States Coast Guard to quickly address reported items and keep sailing on schedule.” they said. “We do not anticipate any additional impact to our planned itineraries. All guests have disembarked the ship and have been compensated for the inconvenience.”

In other words, they know it could be their fault.

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