Jalsa serves an elaborate buffet that includes live chat counters and teppanyaki

Khow Suey in Jalsa

Walls painted with cherry blossoms and hot air balloons, a merry-go-round, a Bedouin tent with Moroccan lanterns and a Ferris wheel at the entrance, these are the elements that caught our eye when we entered Jalsa, the newly opened restaurant to JP Nagar. The brainchild of filmmaker and actress Shefali Shah and her sister Neha, Jalsa, which means party in Urdu and Hindi, offers an elaborate buffet with something for everyone.

We visited Jalsa on a busy weekday afternoon and started with a site visit. A waiter serving chai on a cycle greeted us. Most buffets are live and serve chaats, teppanyaki, kulcha, dosas, pizza, khow suey, and desserts like jalebi-rabdi. We started our meal with Paneer Chilli, Mangolian Baby Corn, Dal Vada and Tandoori Aloo. The smoked Tandoori Aloo impressed us the most. As we headed to the live counters, the waiters and staff started dancing. We watched the performance while helping out at Paani Puri which is a must see here. We then tried the Chole Kulcha. The kulcha was stuffed with a mixture of spices and went well with the aromatic chole.

Then we tasted the masala dosa, and it didn’t disappoint either. Then we decided to move on to dessert. We ended our meal with Jalebis, which were fried in front of us. Topped with creamy rabdi, they were sinful and comforting. With Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines, Jalsa is a must visit if you are looking for a fun place to dine with family or friends.

Rs 550++ upwards. At JP Nagar

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