In-N-Out is suing Michigan fast food restaurant Doll n’ Burgers for a similar look

So it’s no surprise that In-N-Out filed another copyright infringement lawsuit. This time, the fast-food chain is suing a Michigan restaurant called Doll n’ Burgers, with locations in Tecumseh and Jackson, according to the daily telegram.

In-N-Out would claim that Doll n’ Burgers borrowed a bit too liberally from its signature look, from a white, red and yellow color scheme to employees dressed in white shirts, red aprons and paper hats. In the lawsuit, the Daily Telegram reports, In-N-Out also mentions the “white cups with similar red restaurant graphics; open burger wrappers; the use of a single ‘N’ in its name; a pattern classic car; and the layout of the interior menu boards and drive-thru.”

The interior of both restaurants also features a white and red striped design and red furniture. In-N-Out’s interior design is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Doll n’ Burgers countered by saying the “n” in their name is a play on founder Justin Dalenburger’s name. They also cited various other fast food chains that sport a similar color scheme, appearance and employee uniform to In-N-Out, from McDonald’s to Five Guys. It’s also worth nothing that there are no In-N-Out locations in Michigan, and the chain doesn’t seem to have any plans to develop there.

Both companies hired marketing experts to determine the likelihood of customers confusing Doll n’ Burgers with In-N-Out. Curiously, In-N-Out’s expert says the chance is 49.3%, while Doll n’ Burgers says it’s 0%.

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