Christmas is a great time for foodies. Snacks are getting more extravagant, finger foods are still available, and nothing is more revealing of a Christmas night out than duck spring rolls and mini hot dogs.

But stocking up on all those goodies can get expensive, and with all the other extra Christmas expenses, you don’t want to spend a fortune on veggie samosas and tempura shrimp!

Enter Iceland and its incredible range of £ 15 buffets.

Whether you’re getting ready for a party or really hungry, for £ 15 you’ll get up to 227 pieces at the buffet.

Icelandic Christmas Food Buffet

The buffet is being built in stages. First, you choose two platters. It’s anything from an Indian style platter, a crispy chicken platter, or even a dessert platter.

Then you choose a luxury platter such as teriyaki skewers, macaroons, or halloumi fries.

Then you choose a tube of pringles and an 8-can juice box.

This deal is online exclusive, so you won’t find it in your local store.

You can buy the Icelandic buffet for £ 15 online here!