“I compared Aldi’s version of the McDonald’s menu and now fast food will never be the same” – Lottie Gibbons

For months, Facebook shopping groups have been praising Aldi’s version of the McDonald’s menu.

The discount supermarket has launched its version of the famous fast food hash browns, Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets. From the looks of it alone, you’d be tricked into knowing you’re not eating a McDonald’s meal, given the nearly identical packaging.

However, when it comes to taste, can Aldi really match McDonald’s? LancsLive JournalistRebecca Lockwood, tried Aldi’s version of some of McDonald’s most beloved menu items – and compared them to the fast food chain’s originals.

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Here’s how they compared:

Hash browns

Before she even tasted the hash browns, Rebecca noticed a major color difference between the McDonald’s version and Aldi’s. She noted that McDonald’s hash brown is long and yellow compared to Aldi’s golden hash brown.

Rebecca said: “The Aldi Hash Brown is baked for about 20 minutes. The taste of hash browns is quite different. McDonald’s hash brown is an expert hash brown, it is light, fried and basically tastes quite similar to their fries.Freshly served, you’d think they couldn’t be beat.

“Next is Aldi’s hash browns. That’s where I’m confused. Simply put, it just tastes more potatoy. It’s richer than McDonald’s.

Aldi’s hash browns vs. McDonald’s hash browns

“But honestly I’m conflicted. Maybe I’m being stubborn and not ready to admit that McDonald’s was slightly beaten by Aldi. But then came the price. At McDonald’s it costs 89p for a single hash brown or £1.78 for two – at Aldi it’s £1.59 for 10. Case closed.”

Winner: Aldi

Big Mac vs. Big Stack

Aldi’s cleverly named Big Stack comes with three layers of bread to separate the two patties and is a microwaveable burger.

To cook it, place the burgers stacked on top of each other in the center of a microwave-safe plate for two minutes – halfway through cooking, you flip the burgers. You then take them out, assemble the burger and put it back in the microwave for a minute and 30 seconds before adding the accompanying burger sauce. It costs £1.49.

Rebecca said: “Once heated, the Big Stack patties look suspiciously like the Big Mac burger. Honestly, I don’t know how that could be achieved, other than the bun, I’m not sure I can tell the patties apart. C It’s okay, the only teller that it’s not a Big Mac is that the middle slice of bread is starting to look like it’s been microwaved.

“If I saw it in a McDonald’s box, I might think ‘that’s a funny Maccies burger’, but I wouldn’t question it further.

“The Big Mac costs £3.91 for an average meal, but it’s an original for a reason. You know exactly what you’re getting when you order it and although it’s not the size of a Big Mac is still a solid win.In this taste test though, I felt some pity for the Big Stack due to the Big Mac’s extra toppings like lettuce and onion.

Rebecca continued: “Side by side bothered me. I decided to bite one then the other and the main difference I could honestly point out was that it was obvious the Big Mac was on a grill. Of the two, I’d give the Big Mac the crown – but I wouldn’t hesitate to pack another Big Stack.”

Winner: McDonald’s

chicken nuggets

Of all the dupes, Rebecca said Aldi’s chicken nuggets were the most disappointing, but she said that was simply because McDonald’s version was “otherworldly”.

Rebecca said: “Aldi’s nuggets land in the top tier of freezer nuggets. These are probably the best frozen chicken nuggets I’ve ever had priced at just £1.69 for 12, with two dips As they cool, they start to get a little cardboard-esque in their bite, but I’m sure if you didn’t want to place a huge order at McDonald’s and got these instead, you would be happy.

“McDonald’s Nuggets cost £3.79 for just six, which by comparison seems exorbitant. But they win because the chicken is so much better.”

Winner: McDonald’s

The conclusion of Aldi against McDonald’s

Rebecca concluded: “So let’s break it down. Can Aldi give you a good meal with their dupes? As for the Hash Browns and Big Stacks, I’m happy to say absolutely yes. Do you cook fries and serve Top them off with the burger and you’ll be grand. On the nuggets, McDonald’s can keep their crown. You can’t beat them.

Overall winner: McDonald’s (just)

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