Howard G Buffet shares his travel stories from Ukraine with Neuhoff Media

We heard from Pastor Wayne Kent last week, when he spoke to Direct Line’s Greg Taylor and Stephanie Spangler about his time in Poland, seeing their incredible commitment to helping Ukrainian refugees.

Brian Byers of Neuhoff Media on sister station WSOY in Decatur recently interviewed Howard G Buffet about his recent trip to Ukraine and his foundation’s $11 million donation to World Central Kitchen.

Buffet told Byers it was all about going over there to see if they could help. And he felt that seeing, if it was important to show up. Buffett said it was completely accurate to call it a war on humanity.

AUDIO: And I would say that on two different levels. I would say in Ukraine you see them using, you see Russian soldiers using rape as a strategy. And you’ve seen it before in places like Bosnia. They use food as a weapon. So they cut the cities. They are literally starving, old people, children, women.

Taking one of these points further; Buffett says, without a doubt, one of the main weapons Russians use is food. And it affects everyone.

AUDIO: And then you have to move on to the global level. Why is this a war against humanity? Because it’s not just about what’s happening in Ukraine; but they will create food insecurity in places where we cannot afford it. They’re going to create it in places that are already very destabilized, it’s going to create more conflict, and obviously a lot more people are going to suffer.

And meanwhile, the aftermath, especially the displacement of people, will be felt for years, and most likely generations.

AUDIO: And then the last thing in terms of overall impact is the number of refugees they create. These people will go somewhere. Some are already at the border here in the United States. It’s a war that has an impact that I don’t think I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Buffett says the connection between Ukraine and Russia is unique, just as the connection between Ukraine and Poland is unique. While in Ukraine, Buffett sent back a photo of a 23-year-old young man, with a Polish mother and a Ukrainian father. He used his passports for each country to drive a vehicle back and forth across the border and took hundreds of people across the Polish border to safety.

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