How to Win on the Baumkuchen Course in Kirby’s Dream Buffet

Kirby’s Dream Buffet’s Baumkuchen course offers plenty of opportunities to increase your speed if you know where to look.

Baumkuchen is a popular style of German cake in Japan, and it’s featured as one of the food-inspired racetracks in Kirby’s dream sideboard. The Baumkuchen trail is characterized by frequent opportunities to increase speed, using the hilly terrain to your advantage. Although the course does not have cannons for jumping sections of the track, it does instead offer several opportunities to use narrow bridges as shortcuts.

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Baumkuchen also has one of the most impressive sets in the game, a tunnel of rotating rings near the end. Knowing how to use each section of the race to your advantage will allow you harvest many more strawberries than those available on most courses!


rolling descent

The start of Baumkuchen is mostly flat, with a few small speed bumps that you can easily jump over. This soon gives way to Hills, and it’s more than just a descriptive name! Time your jumps so that you erase upslopehit the downslope of every hill, and you can get a quick boost in momentum and get ahead in the race!

The final set of Cake Rolls is close here, but falling isn’t the end of the world – your opponents will be delayed by the Cookie Wall just beyond, so you can catch up.

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Sweet Shortcuts

After the first Cookie Wall, the course takes on a winding pattern of back and forth. There are several opportunities take shortcuts here passing through narrow bridges of crackers and forks. The first player of each will be able to use the extra fruit and a healthy lead.

If the course has a pink and yellow color scheme, the bridges will be instead cross the central hole in several O-shaped lanes.

Be careful if multiple players attempt to cross bridges at the same time; the more crowded they are, the more likely one or more will fall. If your opponents are all crowding the deck, you might be better off going around.

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The final section of Baumkuchen consists of several rotating rings. Look at the track in front of you as you approach and make a decision; you can either harvest a large number of strawberries here or take the opportunity to shoot far ahead in the race while other players jostle behind you.

Using Tornado in the tunnel is a great way to accumulate a large number of strawberries!

At the very end of the rotating tunnel is another cake roll; jump over the uphill slope like you did at the start of the run to build downhill momentum on the other side. Do the same as you cross the fork to the finish line and claim the winner’s bonus!

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